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Bangkok Songkran

Visitor to Bangkok during April 13 to 15 should take some time to enjoy the Songkran Festival. Also know as the water festival, the main draw of this celebration is the playful water throwing that takes place in the streets. The Songkran Festival is marked by the tradition of water throwing and any passersby will end up drenched in the process. There is more to the Songkran Festival than just water throwing as it has deep religious meaning.

Tourists can expect everything from a polite sprinkle to being doused with a bucket full of cool refreshing water during the Songkran Festival. Set during one of the hottest seasons in Thailand, the Songkran Festival delights tourists as well as locals. There is a deeper meaning to the Songkran Festival, however, and Bangkok natives take this time to express thanks and gratitude to respected family members and loyalty to their ancestors and religion. They take part in religious ceremonies held during the Songkran Festival and enjoy the water throwing as well.

The Songkran Festival marks a period of transition for the Thai people and celebrates the time when the sun leaves the sign of Pieces and moves into the Aries sign. The Songkran Festival is the beginning of a new solar year for the Thai people. They view the Songkran Festival as a time for renewal and a way to wash away al their bad deeds of the previous year.

The Songkran Festival also means that Thai people clean everything from statues in the street to their houses. They also throw out everything old and unused as a part of the Songkran Festival. Gifts are given to elders and in return elders wish their family members good luck and prosperity for the year to come. Water throwing is such an important part of the Songkran Festival because the Thai people believe that water washes away evil.

Other Songkran Festival celebrations include releasing live birds and fish back into their habitats. A procession line is formed and women carry bowls of live fish to be released into the river. Small piles of sand are also carried to temples and piled there to recompense for all the dust carried away by their feet over the past year.

The Songkran Festival is celebrated in neighboring countries like Laos, Myanmar, and Cambodia. The Songkran Festival is a spectacular celebration and a wonderful experience for travelers lucky enough to be in Bangkok while it is taking place. It is a great way to learn about Thai culture and participate in an honored water throwing ritual.

Last Updated: 22 May 2008

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Bangkok Songkran
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