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If you have a taste for spectacular nightlife, Bangkok performing arts is for you. Actually, Bangkok performing arts is for anyone looking to enjoy Bangkok nightlife.

The performing arts of Bangkok can be found all over. There are dance shows on the cruises and there are theatres you can visit. Bangkok performing arts appeals to a melting pot of cultures. And there is a wide range of what Bangkok performing arts presents. For instance, Bangkok performing arts might stage anything from community shows to baht productions that are worth several million dollars.

Bangkok performing arts has staged Khon, The Nutcracker, modern dance, Macbeth, and Don Giovanii.

One show that Bangkok performing arts is currently staging is called Hanuman The Mighty, and it will be showing until December 30th on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. This performing arts show is about a monkey god. And the show is well-known for the main character's loyalty, courage, and power. Based on Ramakien, a renowned Indian epic, this show is sure to bring lovers of plays from all over.

Bangkok performing arts has also been known to showcase one of the world's most renowned dance companies, the Stuttgart Ballet. They have a company of over 100 dancers, and those dancers come from over 24 countries.

Another show Bangkok performing arts is known for is Siam Niramit-the Enchanted Kingdom. It's known for its lavishness, glamour, and elegance. It's also known to be an accurate display of Siam and it's historical and spiritual values.

Bangkok performing arts is something most visitors of Bangkok just won't want to miss. Not only does Bangkok performing arts provide a bountiful display of Bangkok's culture, but it also gives theatergoers a glimpse of the international theater-greats. For this reason, among others, Bangkok performing arts is one of Bangkok's famous tourist attractions.

But don't take my word for it. See for yourself. You can get a taste of Bangkok performing arts by visiting theaters like the Sala Chalermkrung Royal Theater on Charoen Krung Road. There is also the Thailand Cultural Centre Main Theater on Ratchadapisek Road. Both theaters are beautiful places to both enjoy and explore Bangkok performing arts.

If you don't know where some of these theaters are, just start chatting with someone who lives in Bangkok about Bangkok performing arts, and surely you will find your way to one of these theaters.

Bankgok performing arts is really a special experience. It can be difficult at times to experience both international and local excellence all in one spot. But Bangkok performing arts will let you do that, and you won't even have to look far to find the theaters.

Last Updated: 27 Feb 2008