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Love charms and aphrodisiacs in Bangkok

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Want to add some spice to your love life during your Thailand holiday? Love charms and aphrodisiacs in Bangkok range from black magic potions to exotic foods that are guaranteed to get you in a loving mood. No matter what you are looking for to spice up romance, you can find it in this exotic city.

There are many different outdoor markets throughout the city and virtually all of them carry love potions, phallic symbols, and various aphrodisiacs. They range from edible foods that are known to boost your libido to charms and potions that dabble in white and black magic arts. From the bizarre to the basic, love charms and aphrodisiacs in Bangkok offer a fun way to make your holiday a little more exciting.

Oysters are a known aphrodisiac throughout the world. And no where on earth will you find better oysters, fresh from the sea, than in Bangkok. While the thought of consuming these exotic shellfish raw may not be everyone's cup of tea, there is no better way to increase your libido than by consuming these shellfish. Oysters are rich in zinc and are known to release sex hormones. Oysters used quite often in Thai dishes as is garlic, pepper and chili, all of which have aphrodisiac qualities. If you dislike consuming raw Oysters, try an Oyster omelet, served at many restaurants. A few bites of this delicious dish will definitely put you "in the mood."

Love charms and aphrodisiacs in Bangkok are scattered throughout most of the outdoor markets. Love charms consist of amulets and phallic symbols that are supposed to invoke passion. There are even certain "snake blood" potions that you can purchase, if you are extremely daring, that can bring love to you.

Many discreet shops sell potions made from different herbs that are guaranteed to cause arousal. Visit the Klong Toey Market to find some medicinal jars of various potions, such as "Yaa Dong" which is rice whisky that is supposed to cure fertility problems. Or try "Moaning Mistress." The name says it all as this powerful aphrodisiac is supposed to produce long lasting erections and has been used for generations in Bangkok.

Visit Bangkok's Chinatown and feast on some Birds Nest and Shark Fin Soup - a delicacy that is said to inspire romance and passion. Chinatown is also filled with various shops that peddle natural aphrodisiacs. Whether you are truly looking for a way to spice up your love life, renew passion or simply looking to have a bit of fun, love charms and aphrodisiacs in Bangkok pretty much guarantee that you will have a good time during your Thailand holiday.

Last Updated: 27 Feb 2008