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Counterfeit Culture of Bangkok

Bangkok Culture | A look at the counterfeiting products sold within Bangkok

The selling of counterfeit items is not something that is widely accepted in most countries. Yet in Bangkok, it seems that it is almost a normal daily business transaction. It is the sale of these counterfeit products within stores and among street vendors. Mixed that with the tourists that shove their way up and down the streets of Bangkok to purchase them. Now you see why the counterfeit culture lives within the city of Bangkok. Boot legged movies, designer knock off shoes sold as the real deal as well as fraudulent legal documents all conspire to make up the merchandise that can be bought within Bangkok's counterfeit culture. Some shopkeepers or street vendors will market their merchandise as replicas thus allowing you to know that it is a knock off. Then there are the majority of merchants that are fully a part of the counterfeit culture and will pass their merchandise off as the real thing.

There is nothing wrong if you go shopping in Bangkok looking to purchase a knock off item knowing that you are getting a replica and not the real deal. After all people love bargains and even if it is a replica, it still looks good and it was cheap. The part that has some people falling victim to the counterfeit culture is that they believe they are purchasing the name brand merchandise only to have bought a knock off within the counterfeit culture . Several things you need to be aware of when it comes to buying knock offs even if you know they are a knock off, that could still leave you victim to the counterfeit culture of Bangkok. First off you are paying a below average price for something without knowing how it will work. Clothing bought within Bangkok's counterfeit culture may never hold up to even on washing despite how much it truly resembles the real deal. Bootlegged movies sold within the counterfeit culture are even a problem for those that purchase them. You run the risk of purchasing a movie that is damaged and may start skipping or that was burned onto a CD while the actual movie was playing in the theater. What this does is allow you to see shadows of moviegoers. Not what you anticipated when you paid killer prices for the merchandise, was it? For those that believed they were getting the real deal this is an even more upsetting situation. It is when the product falls apart or they see moviegoers from the theater in their DVD that they realize they were scammed. This is where you need to protect yourself from falling victim to Bangkok's counterfeit culture.

What you need to do when shopping in Bangkok to protect yourself from the counterfeit culture is to never purchase DVDs from street venders or small shops. Instead, if you must purchase any movies do so from the larger stores. It is less likely that you will get a cheaply made bootlegged copy of the movie. For clothing if you are, wanting the knock off then you really must assume all risks that come with the purchase. If you want the real deal then avoid purchasing clothing from small shops and street venders as well. Stick with large department stores for your clothing purchases to protect yourself from the counterfeit culture selling fakes. Realize also that the price can be a good indicator as to whether a product part of the counterfeit culture or the real deal.

Last Updated: 27 Feb 2008