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Your trip to Bangkok should include at least one tour of Bangkok. There are many places of interest and many greats places your tour of Bangkok can take place. From ancient cities and museums to Bangkok's big cities, there is a tour of Bangkok for everyone.

One great tour of Bangkok is through the Ancient City. This tour of Bangkok takes you through the Ancient City's landscaped gardens that replicate the shape of Thailand. The Ancient City has replicas of Thailand's greatest monuments and landmarks so you can experience the best of Thailand in one tour of Bangkok. A tour of Bangkok through the Ancient City will start at 30 EUR and includes transportation. You can check out the crocodile farm at the Ancient City as well as ancient artifacts, tools, antiques and hunting equipment.

Another great tour of Bangkok is through the Bangkok National Museum. A guided half day tour of Bangkok through the National museum only costs about 20 EUR. You can explore a large collection on Thai artifacts and art and learn about Thai culture. This tour of Bangkok through the National Museum is a great trip for any one visiting the Country. The National Museum has a wide variety of exhibits from clothing and textiles, ceramics, masks, sculptures, and examples of Thai architecture.

A tour of old Siam is a tour of Bangkok you should experience during your stay. A full day tour of Bangkok though Old Siam costs about 57 EUR and includes air conditioned transportation, a meal, and admission to museums on the tour. A tour of Bangkok through Old Siam will include a lot of information about Old Bangkok, a visit to the Golden Mount Temple, Suan Pakkad Palace, and Baan Bart. On a tour of Bangkok through Old Siam you will get to see traditional Thai culture and experience the local lifestyle.

No tour of Bangkok is complete without visiting some of the traditional temples. For as little as 15 EUR you can go on a guided tour of Bangkok and see some of the finest temples. Some of the temples you should check out on your tour of Bangkok include the Wat Trimirt which has a solid gold Buddha statue that is over 900 years old, the Wat Po which has a reclining Buddha statue and an onsite traditional Thai massage school, and the Wat Benjabophit which is the white marble temple.

A tour of Bangkok is not complete without visiting some of the famous temples. You will find that whichever tour of Bangkok you choose will be affordable and interesting.

Last Updated: 27 Feb 2008