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The reputation in Bangkok has everything to do with styles, clothing, and most of all fashion. Regardless of where you get your clothing from in Bangkok it is definitely unique.

Although the city has several malls and places to buy clothing, fashion is what catches the eye of the person who purchases it.

Bangkok has emerged literally with a fashion cache' of what people want in clothing. The young and upcoming generation desire fashion, and with this in mind the designers are listening.

In fact, the clothing industry is so fascinated with fashion; there is a Bangkok Fashion Week twice a year.New fashion house stores are opening everywhere in Bangkok. Fashions made of silk, and cotton.

Even second hand clothing is fashion associated in the sense that if repairs need to be made, they will have the repairs done. Fashion is a high priority alliance among Bangkok locals as well as the tourists. There are several shops in the market alone that sell nothing but clothing. Fashion for locals as well. Shops that sell Thailand flare and fashion with color and style everyone loves to see. Fashion models from all over choose Bangkok for many of their fashion shows. Colorful and attractive, every part of the clothing world is considered fashion. Whether its a simple t-shirt or a evening dress to a man's tuxedo; dazzle is the fashion statement.Bland colors, or neutral colors won't be found among fashion in Bangkok. Unless of course there are glitter or sequins to make it fashionable. Standing out is the source of clothing. Fashion enthusiasts are constantly coming up with new designs all the time. Brighter and better than existing clothing already on the market today.When buying clothing in Bangkok, fashion is considered 90% of their decision of the idea are they going to buy it or not.

Even shoes have to be of the dazzling, glamorous fashion. Including fancy buttons or shiny straps. Another thing in Bangkok to consider, is the size.

If the person finds something they like but can't find it in their size, they will find a tailor, take them to the mall or market where they found it, and actually pay considerable amounts of money to have the clothing article made for them.

Just because they have fallen in love with the fashion design. Some say its the Thai culture that makes the bright colors and add on in the fashion world.

Last Updated: 27 Feb 2008