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Royal Barge Procession Bangkok

Bangkok's cultural identity is an excellent combination of spirituality, modernity, capitalism, tradition, and industrialization too. Political fervor among people is high as was seen in the recent uproar and dethroning of Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra.

Industries abound and flourish in Thailand. Government offers a conducive environment for businesspersons with excellent transportation facilities like sky trains, and other necessary factors for developing businesses. Nevertheless, locals maintain their cultural identity and live according to their traditions and customs.

There are many local homes along the canal regions. These people collect rainwater in gourds on their pouches for drinking purposes. Thai homes normally have a miniature replica of their homes on the front porch. They make daily offerings like sticky rice to these abodes and believe this brings in good luck and prosperity. The streets of Patpong and Silom depict another facet of Bangkok. This place is famous for its flesh trade.

The traditional dance forms and theatre are more popular with the tourists than the locals are. The locals now prefer western dances and music. Bangkok Symphony Orchestra is a famous local orchestra. You can also get a flavour of the western plays staged by American and British troupes at some of the international hotels during specific seasons.

National Theatre at Rachini Road, Thailand Cultural Centre at Ratchadaphisek Road and Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre at New Ratchadaphisek Road hold regular Thai and international cultural performances.

Last Updated: 27 Mar 2008

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Suphannahongse Royal Barge at the Royal Barge Museum
Royal Barge Procession Bangkok
Royal Barge Procession Bangkok
Royal Barge Museum Bangkok