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Bangkok is the largest city of Thailand and the hub of all commercial, financial, economic, and administrative activities of the country. The city houses all the important international and national firms covering all spheres of finance, law, accounting, manufacturing, and marketing.

Important companies like Sony, Philips, Proctor and Gamble, Toyota, Compaq, Unilever, Tesco, and similar others have their manufacturing centres or offices at Bangkok.

On the administrative side, important countries of the world have their embassies and other public sector institutions like banks and financial companies at Bangkok. Bangkok proves to be an ideal base to enter and make their presence felt in other international markets of Southeast Asia.

The city of Bangkok and Thailand offer a very conducive atmosphere to the business visitor. You can locate very fast, reliable, and efficient communication services across Bangkok, comparable to any other commercial capital of the world. Telephone, fax, and the Internet are easily available everywhere across the city. Hotels offer Internet access and there are many Internet pubs and cafes too.

1997: Turmoil

The major Asian collapse in 1997 was a difficult period for Bangkok and Thailand. The Thailand government took immediate steps to stabilize the currency and put the economy back on its wheels. However, events of 11 September 2001 proved to be a major setback. Again, Thailand and Bangkok fought away the blues to improve by 2002. This year saw rapid growth and development in Bangkok and Thailand.

Iraq war and SARS pulled down the economy drastically in 2003. Avian flu in 2004 with the soaring oil prices was another major upset. Nevertheless, despite all downslides, the economy could register a growth of 6%. This was mainly due to a steady growth of the domestic market and increase in exports.

Tourism suffered setbacks in 2003 with a drop in the number of tourists to 9.7 million. Despite all ups and downs, foreign investors and companies have imbibed their trust in the economy of Thailand and remained invested. This long-term commitment has been able to boost the economic morale of the country as a whole. National unemployment rate registered a slight fall in 2003 to around 3%. There exists an extreme disparity between the city life of Bangkok and the life in the countryside.

Administrative Outlook

Thailand government offers all facilities to the business houses and companies. Government offices normally adopt a five-day week from Monday to Friday. Additionally there are fifteen national holidays according to the lunar calendar. Although Sundays are public holidays, sometimes Monday is also a holiday if a holiday falls on the weekend. Adjust and plan your schedules according to these holidays.

Thailand and especially Bangkok offers extensive business opportunities. It is necessary to follow the rules of the land and adhere to immigration and work laws of Thailand while carrying on your business in Bangkok and Thailand.

Last Updated: 05 Aug 2008