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Bangkok Attractions | The most unusual attractions in Bangkok

There are many beautiful, cultural, and religious attractions in Bangkok. Along with these traditional attractions are some very unusual attractions in Bangkok as well. Some are great for the whole family, and others are best observed without the kids. If you are taking a trip to Thailand you should check out at least a couple of these unusual attractions in Bangkok, if you have the time and the stomach.

A very unusual attraction in Bangkok is the Phallic Shrine. The Goddess Tubtim Shrine is home to hundreds of Phallus statues of all sizes standing erect in all their glory. Tourists and local alike come to this unusual attraction in Bangkok to find fertility and gawk at the unusual display.

Another unusual attraction in Bangkok can be found almost everywhere. The local people are used to the sight, but tourists often think that the sprit houses found in almost every Thai building are quite unusual and cute. This unusual attraction in Bangkok takes on the form a small Asian inspired house found somewhere inside many buildings. These sprit houses are symbols of Thailand's spiritual diversity and house the many sprits that locals believe to roam the area.

If you are looking for an unusual attraction in Bangkok, the Forensic Museum is the place for you, provided you are not too squeamish. You can see displays of deformed babies, autopsy photo graphs, cannibal corpuses and more at this unusual attraction in Bangkok.

For a family orientated unusual attraction in Bangkok, you can visit the Royal Dragon Restaurant. Chinese waitresses roll around on roller skates and juggle plates; waiters soar through the air hoisted by harnesses and deliver meals without spilling anything. There are over 100o staff members at thing unusual attraction in Bangkok and it is a meal you won't soon forget.

Another unusual attraction in Bangkok is the giant swing. This swing used to be the focal point of a Brahman ritual that thanked the god Shiva for a bountiful rice harvest. Worshipers would use the swing to soar 80 feet into the air and attempt to grab a bag of silver with their teeth while in mid flight. The practice is banned today but the swing remains and is a very popular and unusual attraction in Bangkok.

Whichever unusual attraction in Bangkok you choose to see, you are sure to have a great time and even learn something about Thai culture. Bangkok is filled with many things to do and see and there are many unusual attractions in Bangkok for tourists to enjoy.

Last Updated: 27 Feb 2008