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Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, is a tourist attraction all on its own. Most visitors spend at least a day or two taking one of the tours of Bangkok. Because the size of the city, most people opt for the tours of Bangkok to see the sights of Bangkok.

You can arrange for the tours of Bangkok through you hotel concierge or through any one of the travel agents at the tourists sights. You have several options to choose from which will allow you to see the sights of Bangkok. You can do this on foot, by bus, or by boat. Some of the tours of Bangkok's outlying area can be taken by bicycle, which can be easily arranged. The standard tours of Bangkok visit all the main sites in a day. If you wish to take a tour by long boat, the can see the canals of Thon Buri. This tour will give you a glimpse of what life was like in Bangkok during the time it was known as "Venice of the East". You will also visit the floating market, the Ancient city historical park and some tours of Bangkok where you will have the opportunity to areas of Bangkok such as shopping, culture and the nightlife tours of Bangkok.

The tours of Bangkok take in the Rattanokosin Isle with all of its temples and palaces. This the Royal quarter of the city, which is close to the Khao San Road an attraction in itself. With this tour of Bangkok you will start with the Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew, which is the most famous of the temples with the Emerald Buddha. The Grand Palace was a one time one of the many residences of the Royal Family. The Royal Family no longer use the Grand Palace as a residence, but the Grand Palace is located right next to Wat Phra Kaew. Then right beside this is Wat Po the home of the huge reclining Buddha. The next key attraction is Wat Arun right across the river with its towering spires. This complex dates back to the 18th century, which is prior to the founding of the present day city. It is said to have a beautiful silhouette against the setting sun and is best seen from boats.

In this part of the tour of Bangkok there are a few other attractions in this area. Some tours will include them in their tour, but there are others who don't. Wat Ratchanada is known for its unusual architectural style. It is easily see when you approach the area down Rachadamnoen Avenue. On this avenue the distinctive art deco Democracy Monument, which has been the center of political change for decades. Not far from this location is Wat Saket, which is easily spotted by the huge swing at the front of its main gate.

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Another popular are with the tours of Bangkok is the Dusit area. Dusit is a regal suburb with wide tree-line drive, which was laid out by King Rama V at the end of the 19th century. This area is filled with government buildings and residents homes, but the attraction here for the tourist is the Vimanmek Teak Palace which King Rama V built along with the Baroque styled assembly hall. The Zoo and Chitralada Palace where the Royal Family usually resides in Bangkok are also in this area.

Tours of Bangkok usually end up in the Siam square area, which is full of shopping malls. Down a quiet lane near the National Stadium BTS station is Jim Thompson's Thai House, which is now a museum to Thai culture artifacts. In this area there are numerous restaurants and pubs and also there is a good mall and market among the plush hotels.

If you would like to take a walking tour of Bangkok, you will want to visit Chinatown and Phahurat is fascinating with its Sino-influenced culture and its ancient lanes. The lanes of Banglamphu is more modern, but just as fascinating as Chinatown and Phahurat. Right next to the lanes of Banglamphu is the unique Khao San Road where east meets west and a tourist frenzy is the result. However, the lanes, which are a few minutes walk away, have managed to hold onto their character, which has changed very little over the passing years and the development of the city.

The night tours of Bangkok are also a small shock to the system, if you are not ready for it. These are usually centered on the go-go bars area, which is in the center of the busy Silom area. The two lanes of road are filled with vendors selling fake watches and well known labeled items. It is difficult to ignore the many entrances to the go-go bars with their pole dancer and sex-oriented shows. There is more to Thailand's nightlife attractions than the sex-oriented shows and the go-go bars. The more appealing portion of Bangkok's nightlife may not be included in the tours of Bangkok.

If you would like to escape the lunacy of the city, you can find Lumphini Park, which sits in the middle of the city in the vicinity of the public transportation lines. The park offers a large, lake-filled oasis in the city. Another distraction from the madness of the city is the tours of Bangkok to the destinations of Koh Kret and the Ancient City. Koh Kret is a small island within the city where the traditional way of life remains located within the Chao Phraya river. This is a day trip, which is often times overlooked by tourists. Also the tours of Bangkok taken to the Ancient City are highly recommended. The Ancient City is located near the mouth of the river in Samut Prakarn is a wonderful opportunity of see replicas of most of Thailand's important historical sites in a single day. The tours of Bangkok are the best way to visit both. You are able to walk or cycle freely among the beautiful grounds.

Last Updated: 27 Feb 2008