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The Ancient City

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Just outside of Bangkok down an old road lies a little known park devoted to keeping the Thai cultural heritage alive. It is known as The ancient city.

The ancient city is surrounded by trees and other scenery and the ancient city is almost secluded from everything in Bangkok. Lit up at night, if you aren't from Bangkok originally you may not know what the lights among the trees are. The ancient city goes to great pains to keeping the past Thai culture going.Ancient City takes up at least three hundred and twenty acres of land. The Ancient City is also designed in the shape of Thailand. This would be a task to do, but it was done.

Most of the Ancient City has reproductions of buildings and statues found all over Thailand.

Many of the buildings represent religious and royal sites from around Thailand. The Ancient City has some buildings that were literally dismantled and moved to the location.

The Ancient City can be viewed from a temple on a mountain top near the Cambodian border. It is difficult to see the Ancient City from a lower point, unless you know what to look for.

The throne hall that is in the Ancient city is actually a duplicate of the one that was destroyed over two hundred years ago when the old capital was sacked by Burmese.

The Ancient City has Thai wall paintings inside a few of its buildings capturing the Thai past and culture too.

The floating village represents Thai's river culture and how it existed in the past. The Ancient city has buildings that are completely wooden structures. The Thai traditional houses and wooden gates that have covers over them are like crossing an old wooden bridge in the Ancient City.

The Ancient City allows tourists to go back in time and experience a part of the Thai culture that is virtually non existent any longer.

Preserved only by the Ancient city and all it has to offer. You can imagine early European ambassadors and how they lived while you visit the Ancient City.

At the present, a huge temple is being built to duplicate a well known temple in Bangkok, when finished it will only add to the Thai culture in the Ancient City. The temple will house over one thousand Buddha images, and each image will be different. This will be a unique collection for the temple. The Ancient city actually takes an entire day to see everything. Part of history and change, it is a step tourists can take into a "living" history of the Thai ways and culture. Put the Ancient City on your list as one of your stops if you visit Bangkok.

Last Updated: 27 Feb 2008