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Siam Water Park

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Are you thirsty? Well, you can't drink this water, but you'll definitely want to once you see how refreshing it looks. And don't worry, there's plenty of water in the city of Bangkok for you to drink. But this water here is for having fun only. The Siam water park is one of Bangkok most excellent tourist attractions. And it's excellent for many reasons.

Asia's biggest water park awaits you. So get out your shorts and your swimming suits. Get ready to splash and see yourself being propelled on all kinds of slides. Siam Water Park is no joke when it comes to fun. And it's got everything you could want in a water park. There are humongous waterslides. There are whirlpools. And if that wasn't enough, there are also fountains and a lake.

So Siam Water Park has all you need to get nice and soaked. You won't regret you heard about Siam Water Park. It's a tourist's heaven on earth.

People usually go to the park for a full day. While on the day trip, tourists and visitors get relaxed in the privacy of tropical coconut shades. And they dare themselves to get in the man-made sea pool that comes complete with an artificial surf.

Have you ever wanted to ride the wave? Well you can at Siam Water Park. And you don't have to worry about getting hurt either. That's because the wave that can be found at Siam Water Park is enclosed. No need to battle with unpredictable ocean weather that might have you screaming for a lifeguard.

Siam Water Park is all about safe fun. Siam Water Park also offers visitors an open zoo and an aviary. And you I just can't talk about Siam Water Park without mentioning the huge playground.

So bring all your swimming gear, and if you forget your swimsuit, there's no need to worry. Siam Water Park has thought about everything for you. They have swimsuit rental, and if you need something to eat, there are fast food outlets ready and waiting for you.

So eat up, and get wet. You've got a really good time waiting for you at Siam Water Park. You'll be glad you came to Bangkok, and that's even if the only place you get to visit is Siam Water Park. Why is that? Well, because you can go back and tell your friends you went to Asia's biggest water park.

Last Updated: 27 Feb 2008