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Siam Ocean World

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Fish are beautiful creatures that live in oceans and fish tanks around the world. But fish-lovers and sightseers have a hard time navigating the ocean beds to get an up and personal look at fish they don't have in their fish tanks. So what can these people do? They can visit Siam Ocean World in Bangkok.

Siam Ocean World is one of the most beautiful and famous tourist attractions in Bangkok. And it's absolutely huge. It covers an area of 10,000 square meters. That's the size of two football pitches.

Siam Ocean World is not an ocean, and it isn't a water park. It's a giant aquarium. In fact, it's one of the largest in Southeast Asia. Siam Ocean World has animals to fill the large space. It's animals appeal to anyone's taste.

If you love the fast and large, you can find sharks and other big fish. If you are into the slow and awe-inspiring, you can find stingrays and huge groupers. Home to over 30,000 marine animals with 400 species, this gigantic aquarium is one of Bangkok's biggest and most spectacular tourist sites.

Not only is Siam Ocean World home of over 30,000 species, but it is also home of the seven aquatic wonders. Siam Ocean World's seven aquatic wonders are also called seven aquatic environments. For instance, Siam Ocean World has what's called the Open Ocean. The Open Ocean at Siam Ocean World is one of the Asia's largest showcases for sharks of all types. These types include stingrays, ragged tipped sharks, and even leopard sharks. With the seven aquatic wonders and Siam Ocean World's huge amount of space, Siam Ocean World is an aquarium lover's dream.

But that's not all Siam Ocean World has to offer. Siam Ocean World lets tourist get up close and personal with the wonders of the ocean. Visitors of Siam Ocean World can dive into a 2.8 million liter oceanarium.

Visitors don't need to worry because divers at Siam Ocean World are assisted by instructors from planet scuba. Even marriages can be performed under the water.

There's also a boat with a glass bottom so that visitors of Siam Ocean World can see all of the ocean life clearly.

So, if you love fish and wonders of the ocean, Siam Ocean World is definitely for you. But what's great is that you don't even have to love fish. You just need a bit of curiosity. Bangkok has many wonderful sites, but Siam Ocean World is one of the best. So go on over to Bangkok's Siam Ocean World. You definitely won't regret it.

Last Updated: 27 Feb 2008