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Sanam Luang

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This park is located right in the heart of old Rattanakosin city. Sanam Luang has been around since Bangkok even came into existence. So this park is for the person who can appreciate culture and history. Bangkok was founded approximately 200 years ago. That means that this park is about 200 years old. You just can't get much more richly historical than that.

Sanam Luang is just a place that is full of fame. That is because many famous buildings are there such as the Grand Palace, the National Museum, the Supreme Court, and the Ministry of Defense.

Besides all of the history that that can be experienced in Sanam Luang, Sanam Luang is a great place to have a lot of fun. A lot of activities go on here. For instance, in March, there is a kite festival. And often you can see exciting games of sepak takraw. This is another name for Asian football. Sanam Luang has many pigeons that you are welcome to feed. And if you arrive in Bangkok in May, you can visit Sanam Luang and catch the beginning of the new planting season.

During the royal planting season, royal oxen plow the field. So Sanam Luang is a place, where you can get a taste of all kinds of Bangkok traditions.

Sanam Luang is apart of the Bangkok's major parks. Among these parks are Lumpini Park, Chatuchak Park, and Santiphap Park. The Sanam Luang is known for its activities and beauty.

But beauty doesn't mean you can't get loud. Every once and a while Sanam Luang gets boisterous. This is because every four years, really powerful debating goes on at Sanam Luang. This park is the place where political debates take place during that time. So yes, you can find peace at Sanam Luang during other parts of the year. But if you're looking for a good debate, find out when the political campaigns are going to occur. Otherwise, you'll find yourself in a peaceful park, one of the historical beacons of Bangkok. But the park is fantastic, and any time of year you come, you won't regret it.

You'll find that Sanam Luang is one of Bangkok's many treasures, and you wont' want to leave the city of Bangkok. But rest assured, Bangkok will always be around so you can come back and visit later. But for now, the hotels are waiting for you to book a room and start enjoying all that Bangkok has to offer.

Last Updated: 22 May 2008