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Safari World in Bangkok

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One of Thailand's biggest zoos is Safari World and is located in Bangkok. Safari World offers up the same types of animals, reptiles and marine life that one would expect from a zoo. Safari World on the other hand has more to offer than most would see in any other zoo around. Thai boxing is very popular in Bangkok and Safari World grabbed a hold of that popularity and gave it a twist. At Safari World, you get the chance to take in a Thai Boxing match but only this match is between orangutans instead of humans. While orangutans will naturally entertain you, it is the uniqueness of seeing them in a boxing ring showing off their hilarious form of boxing that you cannot miss.

In May of 2007, Safari World opened up it new educational center, Eggs World. Eggs World is located in the Marine section of Safari World. It is here that you can learn extensive information on egg incubation, facts about eggs, see presentations on eggs and watch first hand, as staff hand feed a baby parrot. There is a wealth of information to be obtained here making this a must visit attraction at Safari World.

Take on some adventure while you are there and go on a Jungle cruise in a flume ride through the heart of Africa. Safari World recreated an African jungle within their zoo to allow you an up-close view of an African jungle. The flume ride will take you by water through this recreated African jungle giving you the chance to see crocodiles, primitive headhunters and even gorillas. This is a must for any adventurous soul.

The amphitheater offers up so edge of your seat action with Spy War. Spy War will have you on the edge of your seat holding on as you watch their secret agent Sean Sacco tries and stop the bad guy Mako. This action packed show features paratrooping stunts, tons of gunfire and awesome explosions.

Where you are looking to take a leisurely stroll through the zoo just looking at the animals or you want entertainment, Safari World has it all. Some adventure and action packed shows makes Safari World unique from other zoo. Its uniqueness is why it is a must visit location while in Bangkok.

Food services are located throughout the zoo offering up either traditional Thai foods or international foods at the restaurants and fast food shops. Gift shops are available for purchasing gifts to take home. Like any other zoo, the styles of gifts you can purchase vary and usually offer a wide assortment to choose between.

Last Updated: 27 Feb 2008