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Bangkok has several reptile zoos and farms located throughout the city as well as the surrounding areas. Reptile zoos and farms in Bangkok give you the opportunity to see some of the most exotic creatures in the world enjoying their natural habitat. Children especially love the many different reptile zoos in Bangkok and these places are ideal to visit for families on holiday in Thailand with children.

The Crocodile Farm and Zoo is the largest crocodile farm in the world. The Crocodile Farm and Zoo was created by Utai Yongprapakorn, who is a renowned crocodile hunter and wrestler. A visit to the Crocodile Farm and Zoo is not complete until you witness the "Crocodile Wrestling" that takes place several times a day to the delight of spectators. You will also see keepers putting their heads in the mouths of these giant reptiles! This makes for splendid entertainment for young and old alike as the keepers are well trained and the reptiles docile.

In addition to the crocodile shows at the Crocodile Farm and Zoo, you will also be witness to the elephant acrobatics performed several times a day in the main forum. The Crocodile Farm and Zoo is an educational facility and the creatures are handled with care and respect. In addition to the spectacular shows, children and adults will learn about the conservation of wildlife in the research and educational center.

There are plenty of other animals, fish and reptiles to see at the Crocodile Farm and Zoo and this attraction is usually a delightful experience for youngsters. One thing you will not want to miss is the Dinosaur Museum that has life sized models of dinosaurs on display. Most children are fascinated by these awesome, prehistoric creatures and yours will probably remember their trip to the Crocodile Farm and Zoo for many years to come.

Another one of Bangkok's fabulous reptile zoos is the Snake Farm located on the corner of Henry Dunant and Rama IV roads on the outskirts of Bangkok. The purpose of the snake farm is to produce anti-venom serum for snake bit victims and there are many poisonous snakes available for viewing at the Snake Farm. Some of the snakes include the deadly Cobra, the Malayan Pit Viper, the King Cobra, Banded Kraits and Russell Vipers. The snakes are milked of their venom to produce serums that are distributed to medical facilities worldwide.

Children will be fascinated to see these creatures, although they are kept away from the public, for obvious reasons. Handlers will take out the snakes and explain a bit about them during the various snake shows and this is both educational and exciting. If you have children who adore reptiles, the Snake Farm is an ideal place to visit during your Bangkok holiday.

Bangkok is filled with exotic reptiles of all different species. For truly memorable event, take the family to one of the many reptile zoos located in and around the city.

Last Updated: 27 Feb 2008