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Around Bangkok: Pattaya

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Pattaya is one of the largest and most popular beach resorts in the area. The beach has a long history of tourism and recently has become popular with families. Visitors are attracted to Pattaya by the white sand beaches, the tropical climate and the huge range of accommodations. However, Pattaya is well know for is outrageous nightlife some might find the abundance of explicit scenes somewhat offensive.

The water sports, diving and golf found in Pattaya are of the highest quality. Add to that the various amusement parks, botanical garden and museums providing entertainment for the whole family. There are two different beachfronts in Pattaya. The Pattaya bay fronts the main tourist center of the city. Then Jomtien is located in the south ahead of a hilly peninsula and lined with hotels, which are very popular with tour packages of Russians.

When the sun goes down, the nightlife of Pattaya begins. The quality restaurants compete for customer with English-style pubs and sparkling clubs. The nightlife in Pattaya has earned a reputation because of the numerous go-go clubs and the adult oriented clubs. However, there are a number of excellent restaurants, night shopping, movies and people simply watching along the boardwalk.

Surprising, as it may seem most of the activity in Pattaya at night can be found in the numerous bars lining the lanes leading off the beachfront road. The bars are packed with friendly young girls. You can buy them a drink, take them home for the evening or simply ignore them and watch the sports, play pool or simply relax. The atmosphere is very relaxed and easy going.

During the day Pattaya has several attractions worth checking into. There is a temple located to the south of the bay worth seeing and there is a view of the whole town from the hill. To the north of the bay on Naklua Peninsula is the Sanctuary of Truth - a beautiful Thai structure of religious importance, which was developed by the curator who developed the Ancient City. Located just off the shores of Pattaya are several small islands which can be an outing of snorkeling or exploring.

At one time Pattaya was a small fishing village, which was used by the soldiers of King Narai in the 13th century as a resting place. During the Vietnam War, Thailand's principal airbase Sattahip located just south of Pattaya was used extensively by the U.S. army and marines. Many of the GI s came here for R&R, which turned Pattaya into a men's playground.

Since that time, Pattaya has grown continually in size and popularity. Today it is a resort town with visitors from all around the world. The hotel accommodations in Pattaya are numerous. If you want a five star hotel room, an economical room or somewhere in the middle you will find one to suit your needs. There have been some rapid industrial developments, which have lead to a construction and property boom.

The best time to arrange a trip to Pattaya is from November to April. The temperatures during the day are comfortable and it doesn't rain very often. You can rent a car, take a bus, train or even fly to Pattaya from Bangkok. In Pattaya there are a large number of mini-buses, which travel around the main points of interest. The fares are reasonable and the drivers have a good knowledge of English so they are able to tell you how to get to where you are going.

Last Updated: 27 Feb 2008