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When visiting in Bangkok, take a day to tour Old Siam. Your English-speaking guide will take through this ancient city where you will visit temples, palaces and different communities. The Euro goes very far in Thailand and a one day tour of Old Siam is very inexpensive, costing less than 60 Euros per person. Children have a discounted rate and the tour includes some delicious Thai food.

Old Siam is one place where you can truly experience authentic Thai culture. Your tour begins in the morning and you can be picked up from your hotel or resort. One of the first stops you will make, while traveling in an air-conditioned vehicle, is to the Golden Mount Temple, also called Wat Saket.

Bring your camera to this magnificent building where you can see a unique view of the city of Bangkok from the temple grounds. You will be impressed not only with the beautify of the glorious temple and its ancient artifacts, but by the fabulous gardens surrounding the Golden Mount Temple. And the scenic view of Bangkok is something to behold. The tour of Old Siam is well worth the price, simply for this particular pleasure.

In addition to the beautiful temple, you will visit Baan Bart. This community is known for hand crafting bowls used by the temple Monks. The people in the Khmer community are friendly and accommodating; you will actually get to see the artisans at work as they create these renowned bowls.

The Suan Pakkad Palace was once the residence of the Prince and Princess Chumbhot. Today, this magnificent palace and surrounding teak homes act as a museum. You will have ample opportunity to take photographs of the Suan Pakkad Palace and tour the beautiful gardens full of rare tropical plants and flowers. Here you will also see a multitude of antiques that date back to ancient times. The Suan Pakkad Palace is one of the most beautiful buildings in Old Siam and a must visit for anyone holidaying in Bangkok.

A tour in Bangkok would not be complete if not for food. Thai people love to eat and their exquisite cuisine is proof of the art and adoration that they put into preparing their delicious meals. During your tour of Old Siam, you will visit an authentic Thai restaurant where you can sample some of the most tempting food that will ever grace your palate.

Walking through the streets of Old Siam you will feel as though you have stepped back in time, to a simpler world full of exotic culture, art and ceremony. History enthusiasts will love the anecdotes told by the guide who not only knows some of the most interesting stories, but is only too glad to answer any questions you may have. The tour of Old Siam is a wonderful day trip and a fantastic way to see some of Bangkok's history, tour museums and temples, as well as see what life is really like for residents of this charming city. During your holiday in Bangkok, make sure that you visit Old Siam.

Last Updated: 27 Feb 2008