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Must See Attractions in Bangkok

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When you are visiting Bangkok, Thailand, there are literally hundreds of attractions to visit. However, out of all of these attractions there are some that you absolutely must visit like the Grand Palace and Emerald Buddha, and then there are others that you should avoid at all costs. But what makes these attractions so amazing?

Bangkok attractions and tours allow visitors to have a great time, learn something and leave knowing they had an experience like no other. And when you are vacation, you want to visit attractions that will give you an actual experience, instead of simply a good time.

Grand Palace Bangkok

There are many various types of attractions that you can visit in Bangkok. If you want to experience a piece of Bangkok culture, then you must visit the Bangkok Grand Palace, which is a guaranteed great time. The Grand Palace was the King's Palace until 1925, but houses the key symbols of power for the Thai Monarchy and is at the heart of all things Thai. Within in this large compound you will also get to see the Wat Phra Kaeo, Temple of the Emerald Buddha which houses the priceless symbol of Thai Buddhism. It is said that which ever king possess the Emerald Buddha will have a happy reign. Well it certainly has worked for Bhumibol Adulyadej (King Rama IX). These Palaces allow you to get an insider’s look into the heritage of Bangkok, and you are also able to marvel at the richness of the Thai Culture. It does cost 400 baht to enter The Grand Palace, but it is definitely worth it.

Some of the best Palace’s to visit include Vimanmek Mansion, which is located near the Dusit Zoo on Rajavithee Road. You will love this beautiful mansion with its unique architecture and plush surroundings.

Chao Phraya River

But if visiting mansions and palaces aren't your type of attractions, and you desire something slightly more energetic, than you will want to visit Riverside. Riverside isn't simply one attraction, but rather an entire city of things to do. Whether you are looking for a relaxing Chao Phraya Dinner Cruises, or if you want to find a great place to eat, you can find these at Riverside. There are some amazing hotels located at Riverside like the famous Mandarin Oriental Hotel Bangkok, which are known for their opulence and luxury. As you can see Riverside is an amazing attraction location that literally has something for everyone. Whether you want a relaxing time with your family, or you are in the mood to party, there is something for you to do at Riverside.

Bangkok, Thailand is known for many things, and one of these are its attractions and great Bangkok Tours. The attractions that are located in Bangkok are perfect for a wide variety of people and personalities. This is why Bangkok is quickly becoming the number one vacation destination for every type of individual. When you are on vacation, you want to visit world-class attractions that range in a wide variety of excitement levels, and at Bangkok, you are able to enjoy a wide variety of attractions.

Last Updated: 23 Feb 2012