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Macabre Attractions in Bangkok

Bangkok Attractions | Information on where to find macabre attractions while in Ba

Bangkok is a diverse culture, with many sights and experiences that you may not find anywhere else thrown all together. Therefore, it is no wonder that in this city offering up so much, that you would find some macabre attractions. These macabre attractions will have you wondering as to what evil created such horrors. Even if you never find the answers to the questions that these macabre attractions pose, you will still find some interest in visiting them. Enjoyment is to be had if you are into the macabre.

The Forensic Museum is a great macabre attraction in Bangkok. Located on 2 Phrannok Road on the 2nd floor in the Adulaydejvigrom Building of the Siriraj Hospital. Admission hours are from 9 am to 4 pm Monday through Friday and cost 40 Thai Baht equal to .87 Euros. Inside you will find perfectly preserved corpses of convicted killers. Among these preserved corpses is the mass murderer See-Uey. Murder weapons are also on display with the corpses. For more disturbing images, you will find autopsy photographs as well as glass jars filled with formaldehyde containing stillborn babies. Some visitors have left presents for the babies in the glass jars, such as toys and candy. Recommended for those that truly love macabre attractions.

The Corrections Museum is another of Bangkok's macabre attractions. Located 436 Mahachai Road they are open from 9:30 am until 4 pm Monday-Friday. Admission into the macabre attraction is free of charge. Thailand's old penal system was one that believed that a criminal paid restitution for their crime through torture. It is here that you can see depictions of torture; that was used on human lawbreakers, in Thailand not so long ago. Once the home of the Bangkok Remand Prison, this museum showcases life sized figures made out of wax that bring a realism to the execution scenes that you can see at the Corrections Museum. Gruesome scenes are brought to life for you to see with the use of these life-sized figures made from wax. See the methods of torture used on human prisoners as well as how the prisoners had lived their daily lives while confined here. Shopping for those that wish to purchase items that have been made by prisoners is also available. For some people purchasing these items may seem to be wrong, while for others visiting this macabre attraction it is just another souvenir purchased in Bangkok.

Last Updated: 27 Feb 2008