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Loy Nava Cruise

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If you are visting Bangkok and what to have an experience you'll never forget, you should go on the Loy Nava Cruise. I know. You came to Bangkok to have some peace and quiet, not to get on a noisy boat. But this cruise is the beacon of peace. The Loy Nava Cruise is the type of cruise that is for people who like peace, beauty and romance.

Just how romantic is the Loy Nava Cruise? Well it's also known as the Honeymooner Sun Set Cruise. How's that for romance? You and your spouse just can't ask for more romantic ambiance than you will find on the Loy Nava Cruise.

The Loy Nava Cruise takes place onboard a beautiful cruise ship called the Tahsaneeya Nava. And when I say this ship is beautiful, I mean it. It's an antique teakwood rice barge. As you ride on the Loy Nava Cruise, you will notice that you are drifting past one of the most historic sections in Bangkok. The section is located on the Chao Phraya River. And you'll have a lovely time getting a taste of both Bangkok and Thailand history as you float down the river on your romantic journey. The Loy Nava Cruise is just full of splendor.

Furthermore, besides the ambiance, there's another great thing about the Loy Nava Cruise. Guests on the cruise are exposed to beautiful landmarks of Bangkok. For instance, there is the Temple of Dawn, the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, and the Grand Palace.

Viewers on the Loy Nava Cruise are also able to see ancient beauty and the busyness of river traffic.

And Bangkok would not be doing its tourists and visitors justice if it didn't find a beautiful way to feed them. There's a six-course Thai set menu for guests to enjoy. And while they are eating, they can get a glimpse of traditional 'kim' music performances as well as classical dance. There's even a honeymooner's desert to top it all off.

So you will love taking a trip on the Loy Nava Cruise. It's like no other. Not only will it give you a taste of Bangkok history and class, but you will see the bigger picture as well, Thailand at its best.

And once price includes all you'll need to enjoy the Loy Nava Cruise. Package A includes champagne cocktail and a ten course thai set menu. There's also a bottle of wine for two people.

Last Updated: 27 Mar 2008