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Around Bangkok: Koh Samet

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Koh Samet is a small attractive island with Thailand's finest white sands, clear water, and picture postcard scenery. Koh Samet is in close proximity to Bangkok and receives a number of Thai visitors who come to spend the weekend. Koh Samet at times can be very crowded during their busy season. Because of its popularity and size it can be difficult to find accommodation or even a good spot on the beach during their busy season.

Koh Samet should not be discounted during the rainy season. They are one of the driest spots in Thailand. This might be the best time to visit. You will be able to enjoy the beaches more because of the amount of room you will have almost all to yourself.

If you go south on Koh Samet, you will find two more popular beaches, which are extremely spectacular. These would be Ao Phai and Ao Phutsa. A little further south on Koh Samet there are places to get banana boats, bumper rides, and other water sports. For the serious water sport enthusiast you can also find wake boarding or jet skiing. If you are interested in jet skis and speedboats you can go even further south on Koh Samet to Ao Wong Deuan they will have the largest selection for you to choose from on the island of Koh Samet.

If you like very secluded beaches you will want to go even further south on Koh Samet and beyond Ao Phutsa. Some of these exclusive beaches can only be reached by longboat. The other coastlines are largely uninhabited, although Hat Ao Phrao on the west coast of Koh Samet has beautiful beaches with resorts and some guesthouses close by. This is the best place to watch the sunsets.

There is a decent nightlife on Koh Samet. You can watch the fire shows on the beach. There are also some very lively parties at the guesthouses, which are nearby. It is pretty much dancing on the sand or under wooden shelters, you won't be able to find anything like a pub or a club here. There may be some newly open clubs around the beach of Hat Sai Kaew. It seems to be the center of the beach party scene

There are many restaurants beside the beach on Koh Samet, which specialize in seafood barbeques, but these places will also have Thai food and International food choices on the menu. The Naga is highly recommended, as is the Ao Phai resort.

The easiest way to travel to Koh Samet is by bus and boat combination. A pre-arranged package deal can be purchased from the travel agents in Bangkok.

Last Updated: 27 Feb 2008