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James Thompson became the self-made American entrepreneur on the back of founding the world renowned Jim Thompson Thai Silk Company. The Jim Thompson Bangkok Museum celebrates the life of this extraordinary man, from his time in America to his life in Bangkok.

James H.W. Thompson was born in America and experienced a good upbringing, graduating from the family university at Princeton in 1928. He served in WW2 in the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), forerunner of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and spent time in Thailand and south East Asia. He was convinced that people would want to travel after the war and so went to the The Mandarin Oriental Hotel Bangkok where he helped design the rooms and suites. His architectural training had given him an eye for design and he fell in love with Thai silk. He started a Thai silk factory to reproduce the fine materials. His success in promoting Thai silk led to many factories copying his ideas and so the Thai Silk Industry was born. For his services to the Kingdom of Thailand he was awarded the Order of the White Elephant.

Jim Thompson Bangkok house

Jim Thompson fell in love with all things Thai and bought several traditional Teak houses from various parts of Thailand, merging them together to form his unique and beautiful home. Based on the need to live in a structure that loses heat and has good airflow, the house, now the Jim Thompson Museum, is on many levels and has interconnecting walk ways. On the side of the Kong (Thai Canal)and even in the heat of a Bangkok March sun, the house is cool and relaxing. Thai roofs and the love of craftsmanship shows off Thai house building to it magnificent best.

Jim Thompson Bangkok silk

The Jim Thompson Bangkok Museum also shows off some of his traditional silks. The fine weave and beautiful depth of colour gives a wonderful lustre to an evening dress, a dress shirt and or tie with the colours glinting subtly in the changing light. It is no wonder that Thai silk has such a strong reputation and is the glamour to any outfit.

Jim Thompson Bangkok store

Jim Thompson in Thailand is now about promoting and selling his wonderful silks, an industry that employs many thousands of people. You can find Jim Thompson stores all over the country. The stores are represented in many of the top luxury hotel and resorts. In fact the Jim Thompson brand is synonymous with the a top quality brand in Thailand. These light weight souvenirs make ideal presents.

Jim Thompson Bangkok has an outlet at the Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok. It also has multiple outlets at the Phuket Samui airports. These are great places to find something cool to wear or a present for the person you are meeting.

Jim Thompson Bangkok map

The b>Jim Thompson Bangkok Museum is at Wang Mai, Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10400, Thailand +66 2 216 7368 and some 10 minutes’ walk from the National Stadium BTS.

  • Opening Hours : 09:00 to 17:00 every day with the last Guided Tour at 17:00. This is a compulsory guided tour around the house
  • Admission : Adult 100 baht; Students 50 baht.

  • Last Updated: 23 Feb 2012