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Dusit Zoo

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No where on earth will you experience such exotic animals in their natural habitat as you will at the many different Bangkok Zoo and Animal Parks. Bangkok has many different places that are ideal to take children of all ages to learn about exotic creatures in a scenic, pristine setting. Bangkok Zoo and Animal Parks are located throughout the charming city of Bangkok as well as in the outskirts of the city. For a truly memorable holiday in this exotic Eastern city, take the family for a tour of some of the fabulous Bangkok Zoo and Animal Parks. One of the best zoos in the area is Dusit Zoo, located in the heart of Bangkok.

Dusit Zoo is also known as Khao Din and is the very first zoo in Thailand. Dusit Zoo is home to more than 1600 different animals and has been in operation for more than 60 years. The tranquil, jungle park is different than any zoo you will visit in the West as it is surrounded by a tranquil lagoon wher eyou can take a small boat excursion to fully experience the delights of this animal sanctuary. There are more than 188,800 square metres covering Dusit Zoo and it truly takes a full day to see everything.

Different types of animals that you will see at the zoo include tigers, which are native to Thailand, as well as rare breeds of lions. Of course there are many different monkeys, hippopotamus, alligators and giraffes roaming about the grounds.

There are various different facilities where the animals are housed that resemble their natural habitat. You will also see some ostriches, zebras, hawks and, of course elephants. Elephants are abundant in Thailand and many of the native use these massive, gentle creatures as forms of transportation.

In addition to the vast array of exotic animals, there is also a very large playground where your children will be delighted to romp and even ride on some of the animals. You can also feed the fish from the paddle boats that travel in the large lagoon.

Food is always a staple at just about any Thai attraction and Bangkok zoo and animal parks are no exception. At the Dusit Zoo, you can partake in some delicious Thai foods as well as some Western fast foods, such as KFC. There are food kiosks throughout the zoo and there is no reason to go away hungry. There are also many different lovely gardens that offer a shady retreat while you indulge in a picnic lunch or savor some ice cream treats.

Dusit Zoo in Bangkok has something to offer just about everyone. Children will delight in seeing the many different animals as well as the play areas that are rife throughout the zoo. Adults will enjoy the animals as well as the tranquil gardens, shady trees and fabulous lagoon. During your holiday in Thailand, do not miss Dusit Zoo in Bangkok.

Last Updated: 23 May 2008