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Around Bangkok: Coral Island Tour Pattaya

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Let me guess. You love sand, water, and you don't feel like bumping all around on a water slide that drops you off into a man-made sandbox. The city of Bangkok understands your pain, but unfortunately you won't find what you are looking for in Bangkok. What you want is the Coral Island Tour Pattaya, and that's only two hours away from Bangkok so you don't have to go too far.

The Coral Island Tour Pattaya will take you to somewhere magnificent. That place is the Koh Larn. The Koh Larn is a wonderful island. And you can find it just west of Pattaya.

The Coral Island Tour Pattaya is great because guests are able to explore the Koh Larn in a variety of enjoyable ways. A person can put on some gear and go snorkeling with the fish. They can also swim during the day.

And sunbathing is another thing guests of the Coral Island Tour Pattaya are guaranteed to enjoy.

The Coral Island Tour Pattaya is not just for quiet types who like to be surrounded by beauty all of time. Kids can run and play on the beach. They can also splash in the waves. The Coral Island Tour Pattaya caters to everyone, even you.

The sandy beaches of Koh Larn are comparable to flour so they are great for building sand castles on.

The price includes everything you can think of. The vehicle that you tour in will have air conditioning. The price also includes a boat trip and a lunch. You just know the city of Bangkok wouldn't let you go anywhere without feeding you. So munch your heart out while on the Coral Island Tour Pattaya. The food is great.

And even though the tour is located two hours from Bangkok. The Coral Island Tour Pattaya is very easy to get to. The air-conditioned car will transfer you from the beach to your hotel. And you don't have to worry about the car taking all kinds of different roads to get to the Coral Island Tour Pattaya The vehicle will just take the road to Pattaya.

So what's holding you back? Don't you want to snorkel with the fish after you've rested your feet in flour-like beach? I sure do. And that's just what you can do on the Coral Island Tour Pattaya. So get ready. These beaches are waiting for tourist from Bangkok and anywhere else, but do you think they can wait forever?

Last Updated: 19 May 2008