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Bangkok Chinatown

While visiting Bangkok, be sure to take a day to peruse the fabulous Chinatown district located at the Yaowarat Road junction. Some popular Bangkok Chinatown attractions include the Temple of the Golden Buddha, Sempeng Lane, the Pahurat Textile Market and some of the best shopping in Bangkok.

The Temple of the Golden Buddha draws thousands of visitors each day. While the statue at first does not seem very large, it is impressive as it is made of over five tons of solid gold. There is an interesting story behind the Golden Buddha. Apparently, a worker was lifting a stucco statue of Buddha with a crane when he accidentally dropped it. It shattered to reveal that beneath the stucco exterior was a statute made of solid gold. The Golden Buddha was apparently disguised to hide it from Burmese who invaded the area at one time.

Bangkok Chinatown attractions include colorful lights, statues and textiles that transform this part of the city into a little paradise all of its own. By day, street markets thrive in this part of the city, including the once notorious Thieves Market, which used to sell only stolen goods. Today, the Thieves Market sells legitimate items and is still located at the end of the Chinatown border.

Many of the buildings in Bangkok's Chinatown are designated as historical landmarks. The area is rich in history and the architecture of these buildings is truly something to behold. The shops along the streets sell just about everything, and you will not find gold jewelry any cheaper than in Bangkok's Chinatown.

Bangkok Chinatown attractions include the shops and restaurants as well as the interesting pharmacies that sell potions made from herbs to cure all that ails you. Chinese bakeries and vendors selling sweets are dotted throughout the area and offers of the most tempting desserts you will ever eat.

Be certain to bring your camera while visiting Bangkok Chinatown attractions. There are so many different buildings that date back to the 1700s that are well worthy of photographs. The area is truly alive in the afternoon as all of the shops are open. In the evening, Bangkok's Chinatown is a sea of neon lights that beckon tourists.

One of the best of Bangkok Chinatown attractions is the old Sempeng Lane, which was the original mainstreet in this part of the city. Sempeng Lane is a very narrow street that stretches throughout Chinatown and is crowded during the day and early evening with market vendors. Walking down this charming old street is like turning back the hands of the clock to a bygone era.

As you make your way down Songswat Road, another small lane in Bangkok's Chinatown, you will come to the Pahurat Textile Market, which sells some of the finest silks and linens in this part of the city. This is one of the best Bangkok Chinatown attractions as the textiles are sold wholesale and are available for very low costs. While in the small community of Pahurat, you can treat yourself to a nice Indian meal.

Bangkok Chinatown attractions hold an interest for all tastes. From the magnificent architecture of the buildings, to the Golden Buddha, temples, shrines and fabulous shopping, Bangkok Chinatown is one of the best places to visit during your Thai holiday.

Last Updated: 27 Mar 2008

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