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If you are traveling to Bangkok on a budget, have no fear. There are many different places where you can experience a wonderful time without spending a lot of money. Bangkok is a beautiful city and Bangkok budget attractions offer you an opportunity to have a good time without breaking the bank.

Lumpini Park is called the "Oasis of Bangkok." This large park features beautiful, tropical flowers and a large area where you can enjoy a quiet picnic, or enjoy people watching. For a few Bhat, you can take a paddle boat across the pond, which is exhilarating and scenic. Or you can take meditation lessons, tango lessons, join a thai chi class for free! There is really something for everyone at Lumpini Park and even those who are not on a budget should spend an afternoon in this lovely tropical park.

Thailand is home to hundreds of different butterfly species and the Rotfai Gardens has a butterfly enclosure where you can see these beautiful, colorful creatures in their natural habitat The Bangkok Butterfly Gardens and Insectarium is a free excursion and is fun for the entire family, as well as anyone who enjoys nature. This natural habitat is truly one of the best of the Bangkok budget attractions.

Bangkok has many different temples located throughout the city. Many of the temples have temple fairs throughout the year. While some of the larger temples charge a modest entrance fee to visit, others are free. For an enjoyable day sightseeing, why not bring your camera and take a tour of the many different temples in Bangkok?

Other Bangkok budget attractions include the many different shrines and spirit houses located throughout the city. These are free for visiting tourists and visiting certain shrines are supposed to bring you love, riches or good luck. In many of the shrines or spirit houses, you can undo an evil curse or boost your virility. The most famous shrine in Bangkok is the Erawan Shrine which is located next to the large Erawan Mall. Visiting shrines and spirit houses are a delightful way to spend a day in this charming city.

Another one of the great Bangkok budget attractions is the Bangkok Folk Museum, which does not charge admission. Here you can visit a beautiful Thai house that is filled with antiques and depicts life in Thailand over 70 years ago. The Bangkok Folk Museum is a must see for history buffs or anyone who wants an authentic taste of Thailand during the colonial era.

Bangkok budget attractions are located all over the city and offer beauty, scenery, art and history. You do not have to have a lot of money to enjoy the many attractions in this exotic city of Bangkok, Thailand.

Last Updated: 27 Feb 2008