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Half-Day Tours in Bangkok

Bangkok Attractions | Overview of some half-day tours offered in Bangkok

Tours can help to enhance one's vacation in Bangkok by allowing them to experience a world of culture. The problem with tours though is that the time constraints may not fit into your vacation schedule. You may already have many things that you want to do that a tour may interfere with or you just want a relaxing vacation without the demands of meeting a time schedule. For what ever your reason is for not taking part in tours, you can still have the vacation you want without missing the wonderful experience a tour can offer you. Bangkok has some of the best half-day tours around. These half-day tours are usually centered on certain sights or experiences allowing you to pick the one that will fit with what you want.

For a sports fanatic a Thai Boxing half-day tour is the perfect tour for you. Thai Boxing starts out with a ceremony known as Wai Khru. This ceremony is done to offer thanks to teachers, spirits, the sport and even the boxing ring in which they will be boxing. After the ceremony is when the real action of your half-day tour will begin as the boxers square off inside the ring. This half-day tour cost starts at 3,490 Thai Baht equal to 77.54 Euros and includes admission to the Thai Boxing match, transfer between locations and back and an English-speaking guide.

For those that love the fine arts, then the Sala Rim Nam Restaurant half-day tour is just for you. The tour half day tour combines dinner and fine arts as you experience Thai dancing performed for you right next to your table. The Sala Rim Nam Restaurant is located on the Chao Phraya River across from the Oriental Hotel. You will be offered a set dinner menu of Thai foods buffet style. The price for this half-day tour starts at 3,100 Thai Baht equal to 69.01 Euros and includes transfer to and from any hotel in Bangkok, dinner and dance performance.

The Bangkok Way of Life is a half-day tour that will give you wonderful glimpse into the way of life for the locals. Established in the 1780s Chinatown is where you will begin your half-day tour. From there you will get to take a ride to the Pahurate Market. Pahurate Market is Bangkok's Indian community as well as Bangkok's largest fabric market. The half-day tour starts at 1,120 Thai Baht equal to 24.93 Euros and includes an English-speaking guide and transfer between all locations.

Physical activity can be achieved by taking a half-day tour via bicycle. Bicycling is a great way to see Bangkok without having to do a lot of walking, since bicycling can allow you to cover more area than you would walking. In Bangkok, bicycles can go everywhere a pedestrian can go, so you will have the same access to the city that you would on foot. Your bicycling half-day tour can include sight seeing of historic areas of Bangkok, cruising around market places, country lanes heading out of the city and so much more. For the most part one can experience a half-day tour via bicycling starting around 950 Thai Baht equal to 21.15 Euros.

Last Updated: 27 Feb 2008