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Some people come to visit Bangkok so they can stay at luxurious suites. They would like to stay in big pretty hotels with spas and broadband internet connection. And some actually come into Bangkok to do some international business. And other people who like living creatures that go by a name other than "human," come to Bangkok only to visit the Bangkok zoo. And some people who didn't even know the Bangkok zoo existed find out about it, and before they know it, they are trying to get into zoo themselves.

What exactly does the Bangkok zoo have to offer? It has everything you could think of when it comes to having a great experience while visiting animals.

Visiting the Bangkok zoo will allow a person to get closer to animals than they ever thought possible. A person can swim with sharks, play with butterflies that are in their natural habitat, and even have the luxury of having a python squirm around their neck. Some visitors will even be able to paddle in a boat that floats in a pond alongside all kinds of unique animals.

The Bangkok zoo is known as the 'Khao Din' or Dusit Zoo. And the animal park at Dusit Zoo is spectacular. It has many facilities that include a zoo museum, activity ground, and a cafeteria. The Bangkok zoo is extremely huge, so don't take your kids who want to see everything and think you can get everything done in a disorganized way.

For this zoo, you must strategize where you want to go and what you want to see. And the Bangkok zoo isn't for the weak. You need to be able to walk so you can really get a taste of all that Bangkok zoo has to offer.

So, if you feel like doing plenty of walking and getting plenty of wonderful views of all kinds of animals, the Bangkok zoo is for you. You can see crocodiles, zebras, ants, monkeys, hippopotamuses, alligators, tigers, and lions. And that's just a few of the many kinds of animals you can see at the Bangkok zoo.

The zoo is just bursting with animals that will bring animal-lovers storming to the gates of Bangkok zoo. And even those who usually are not moved by the unique beauty of animals will be tempted to visit Thailand's very first zoo. A sanctuary for more than 1,600 animals for over 60 years, the Bangkok zoo is an animal paradise.

Last Updated: 27 Feb 2008