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Bangkok waterways (Klongs) play a huge role in the cities history and continue today as an important part of Thai life. For centuries Bangkok waterways have been an integral part of daily life and you can still see tourists, locals, and monks traveling by river taxi or even peddlers selling their wares in floating river markets. Because Bangkok waterways are such an important part of Thai life, there are many things to do surrounding Bangkok waterways.

The Chao Praya River that runs through Bangkok is arguably the most important Bangkok waterway and offers visitors both a glimpse into Thai past as well as a view of spectacular Thai present. Ancient Thai Temples and traditional houses occupy the banks of Bangkok waterways along with new residences and huge resorts. A trip along Bangkok waterways is a nice change from the city and you can learn a lot about Thai life from such a trip.

Youi can take a cruise along Bangkok waterways aboard a converted rice barge. You can enjoy a traditional Thai dinner and spectacular views of the river, especially if you travel in the evening. You will have great views of temples while on your Bangkok waterway cruise, one the most spectacular being the Wat Arun, or Temple of Dawn.

There are many restaurants and hotels along Bangkok waterways and dining at one of these establishments is another great activity. You can enjoy the scenic river views and a great Thai meal at any Bangkok waterway hotel or restaurant.

Getting from place to place via Bangkok waterways is also a great way to experience Thai culture. There are many river taxi's that will take you from one pint to another and many tour packages include rides along Bangkok waterways.

You can also plan entire tours from Bangkok waterways and spend the day sailing the river and taking in local sights. You will see temples, traditional Thai Houses, beautiful hotels and resorts, and get to see the contrast between the city and country life. You will pass plantations and fields on a Bangkok waterway tour as well as cities and populated areas. You will get to see how locals live and work along the river and get a good feel for Thai life that surrounds Bangkok waterways.

No trip to Bangkok is complete without even a short boat ride along one of the many Bangkok waterways, or visiting the floating markets set up along the river banks. Bangkok waterways have always been important to Thai people and continue today to support both locals and tourists wishing to experience all that the rivers have to offer.

Last Updated: 27 Feb 2008