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Bangkok Attractions | The Dusit Zoo in Bangkok

Every family loves a zoo outing, and the Dusit Zoo in Bangkok is sure to please the whole family. Not only can you see a wide assortment of animals, over 1500, but you can also enjoy rides as the Dusit Zoo is set up like a theme park with other attractions. With its wide assortment of animals and other attractions, the Dusit Zoo will be a hit with the whole family.

The Dusit Zoo is known word wide for their great selection of gibbons. You will also find many types of large animals at the Dusit Zoo including rhinoceroses and Indian elephants. You can also enjoy the large aviary at the Dusit Zoo if you like birds. With all the animals to see and learn about, your trip to the Dusit zoo is sure to be a great one. Adults and children alike will enjoy all the different animals making the Dusit Zoo a great family destination while in Bangkok.

The Dusit Zoo also has lots of open space perfect for resting or having a picnic. This is especially good when traveling with kids as they have a place to play while you rest. The Dusit Zoo also contains a 12 acre lake to make your picnic even more scenic. Whether you want to take in the entire Dusit Zoo in a couple hours or spend all day there, you have plenty of space and options to do so.

If you want to experience more than just animals, the Dusit Zoo has you covered. Some of the other attractions at the Dusit Zoo include paddle boats and go carts. You can paddle around on the Dusit's Zoo's tranquil lake and enjoy the sights. If you are looking for a little more excitement, you can also check out the go carts located in the Dusit zoo and test your racing skills. The Dusit Zoo is more than just animals making it a perfect stop on your vacation itinerary.

Admission the Dusit Zoo is very reasonable, like most of the places in Bangkok. It costs less than a EUR for both kids and children to enjoy the zoo. Most people don't put a trip to the Dusit zoo high on their list of things to do while on vacation to Bangkok, but it is well worth checking out especially if you have kids. With all the animals, activities, and wide open spaces, a visit to the Dusit Zoo is a great idea if you are traveling to Bangkok.

Last Updated: 23 May 2008