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One way to really experience the vast city of Bangkok is to take a few of the charming city tours. Bangkok city tours offer an English speaking guide who will know exactly when and where to take you so you can make the most of your visit in this exotic Eastern city.

One charming Bangkok city tour takes you to Jim Thompson's House and Palace in the heart of the city. James Thompson was an ex-military officer who revived the art of silk weaving in Thailand. His home was built in 1959 and is a traditional Thai palace that features several teak homes. For those who enjoy looking at exquisite art and antiques, as well as perusing fabulous gardens, the Jim Thompson House is a wonderful place to visit.

The group of houses is now a museum and feature many different musical instruments, furniture, pottery, Buddha imagines and silk weavings. This is truly a fascinating place to visit during your Bangkok city tour.

Another place you will probably wish to visit during your Bangkok city tour is the Bangkok National Museum. It will take a half a day to explore this beautiful building and its grounds that feature some of the most authentic artifacts of Thai culture. The National Museum was built in 1874 and has antiquities dating back to prehistoric times as well as to colonial times. The architecture of the museum and various out buildings is worth the trip itself. There are many different chapels on the grounds, teak houses, beautiful gardens and breathtaking pavilions. The Bangkok National Museum is definitely worth the visit during your Bangkok city tour.

The Ancient City should also not be missed during your Bangkok city tour. This is an example of nature at its best as the beautiful gardens are reminiscent of the landscape of Thailand. There are over 116 different structures to see that include places, bell tower, floating markets, Buddha images and shrines, all made from perfectly landscaped gardens. The Ancient City is a once in a lifetime tour and be certain to bring your camera when you view this natural wonder.

English speaking guides are available during your Bangkok city tour and you can most likely get transportation to and from your hotel. There is a small fee to take one of these tours, but it is well worth the price as the guides know exactly where to take you and when is the best time to view these wonders. Bangkok is truly a beautiful city and one way to make sure that you do not miss anything is to partake in a Bangkok city tour.

Last Updated: 27 Feb 2008