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Vimanmek Royal Mansion

Tourism is one of the major industries of Thailand. Bangkok is an important tourist attraction of Southeast Asia.

Bangkok enjoys tropical climate and is hot almost all year through. The best time to visit Bangkok is between November and March as it is dry and less hot during these months. It is best to avoid visiting Bangkok during the rainy season, as the downpours though short are very fierce and often flood the streets.

Bangkok seems to be a magical city with huge and sky-scraping multi-storeyed buildings brushing against exquisite temples and tranquil shrines that can prove to be a balm to your frayed nerves. The sunset at Wat Arun on the river is a scene not to be missed. The Grand Palace is a place worthy of mention. However, only Thais can enter the Palace free. Thais revere the Palace.

Most of the tourist spots of the city of Bangkok lie on the eastern side of the Chao Phraya River. History witnessed digging of a canal around the city to safeguard it. Even today, this place exists as Rattanakosin Island. You can still view the forts of yesteryears around Wat Po.

You find total traffic chaos on the streets of Bangkok. It is a common sight in Bangkok to see many saffron-robed monks collecting alms and people living in stilt houses on rivers. At the same time, you can see people with mobile phones and designer clothes brushing past.

Nightlife is very vibrant with bright-lit streets and markets. Traffic also eases slightly by late evening. Since Bangkok does not subsist on tourism for its economic development, you can get a feel of the real city life of Bangkok. Sky trains swishing high above the gridlock and subways help organize Bangkok's traffic chaos.


To the north of the Grand Palace lies the Banglampu area. It is easy to locate budget hotels at this place. Go still north and you will come across Chitlada Palace, the present residence of the royal family. You can view Dusit Zoo and Parliament houses in the same vicinity.

Riverside and Chinatown

Yaowarat is along the eastern banks of the river. This is Bangkok's Chinatown district. Deeper down you can locate many former trading houses of the west, old embassies, and many riverside hotels.


Further north is the Silom Road housing tourist hotels and the famous entertainment area of Patpong. Many embassies are located in this area.

Siam Square

Going still further north, you can come to the main shopping district at Siam Square, a shopper's delight. Siam Square is home to Siam Center, Siam Discovery, Mahboonkrong (MBK) Centre, Gaysorn Plaza, World Trade Centre, Amarin Plaza, Narayanapand, and Central Chidlom.


Pratunam, neighboring Siam Square, is the famous garment district of Bangkok.


To the west of Siam Square lies Sukhumvit road housing many entertainment centres, business centres, and hotels.

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Vimanmek Royal Mansion
Vimanmek Royal Mansion
Vimanmek Royal Mansion
Vimanmek Royal Mansion