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Ancient City

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In the Samut Prakan province outside of Bangkok you will find the Ancient City. The Ancient City is a huge historical park. The Ancient City will provide a good choice for a day's escape from Bangkok's hectic city life. The Ancient City has replicas of many of the important historical sites. Because of the size (320 acres), the Ancient City is billed as "the world's largest outdoor museum".

Ancient City

Featured in the Ancient City are 109 replicas of famous monuments and architectural structures. The Ancient City has been made to the geographic location of Thailand. The monuments and the historical sites are placed as closely to the location of the original in Thailand.

Help from the National Museum

Since the experts from the National Museum were given the responsibility of overseeing the creation of the reproductions, they are all accurate and now an ideal Bangkok Attraction. Since some of the historical monuments and buildings no longer exist, this allows visitors the opportunity to see all these historical sites, all in one day and in one place, the Ancient City. When it comes to some of the historical sites no longer in existence today, one of the most impressive reproductions is of the Royal Hall of Ayutthaya, which was destroyed by the Burmese in 1767. Another one is the Grand palace where the Wat Phra Kaeo (Temple of the Emerald Buddha is housed.

The Ancient City has an impressive display of Thailand's royal history, but there are several other examples of the different styles of homes from the past and the distinct regions they originated from in the country. The Ancient City has also purchased structures to be reassembled on the grounds of the Ancient City and are currently on display in the Ancient City today. One of these structures, which have been reassembled, is the wooden temple originally located in the northern section of the park, which was purchased from a hill-village in the North of Thailand.

Because of the enormous size of the Ancient City, it is extremely rare to find the park crowded. One could have a very pleasant day taking in the sights as leisurely as they would like. Walking the entire expanse of the Ancient City would be a daunting exercise to most, so it is nice to know the park allows bicycle riding on the park grounds. Bicycle rental is now included in the park's admission price. Another feature of the Ancient City to make your visit more pleasurable is the mini-rail service complete with a guide included. The mini-rail will make stops at all the points of interest within the Ancient City. The tours begin from the southern portion of the park and will make its way to the North.

The Ancient City's out of the way location from Bangkok makes it necessary to join a tour in order to visit the park or to hire a taxi and direct him to go to Muang Borang, which is its name in Thailand. The cost of admission is Bt300 per adult, and includes the mini-rail ride and the bicycle rental. The taxi drive can get you to the Ancient City from Bangkok in about 45 minutes. It is recommended to avoid rush hour traffic to leave for Bangkok around 3:30.

Last Updated: 30 Jan 2012