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Around Bangkok: 3-day Erawan Jungle Trek

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Erawan Falls In Kanchanaburi

If you love to get rugged and natural, the 3-day Erawan Jungle Trek is definitely for you. On the three-day camping trip, you can venture out into the deep jungles and forests of Erawan National Park, and don't worry, you won't have to do anything odd like sleep on the ground or anything like that. This attraction, like all others of Bangkok, just wouldn't be right if the tourist was the least bit uncomfortable. You will get sleeping tents that are very comfortable, and there is even a dining tent.

This dining tent has a steamy shower and Thai food that will knock your socks off.

And everything on this tour is just amazing. There's diversity here like no other because there are plants and wildlife. Everything you can imagine is here. You are likely to see primates, slow loris, hornbills, and rare birds. So get your binoculars out.

You just never know what might fly or hop by you. It could be something you have never seen before or never even dreamed of seeing. But in Bangkok, you'll be exposed to your wildest dreams. The 3-day Erawan Jungle Trek is no joke when it comes to giving visitors an experience that is memorable.

Bangkok tourists and Bangkok inhabitants enjoy the 3-day Erawan Jungle Trek because it's unique. It's not often that you get to tour a whole jungle. And on the 3-day Erawan Jungle Trek, you'll get to tour one for three whole days. Lucky you.

The price includes everything you need to enjoy yourself. With just one fee, your entrance price is all taken care of. Plus, you get a transfer from your hotel to the tour. And your guide will speak English. The guide will be a naturalist, and if you have more than eight people in your group, you'll get two naturalists.

And you get all of that for one low price.

The 3-day Erawan Jungle Trek is one of Bangkok's best tourist sites. So you can't leave the city of Bangock without going on one. And after you leave Bangcok, you'll keep thinking about the 3-day Erawan Jungle Trek and how much fun you had. And you should feel good about that. It's great to think about great times and good fun.

So get your husband or wife. Put on some boots and some cargo shorts and say, "Let's go camping." And if you have to do any convincing, remind the person there are steamy showers.

Last Updated: 22 May 2008

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