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Thai Boxing (Muay Thai)

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Lumpini Boxing Stadium Bangkok

Muay Thai is the traditional form of boxing of Thailand. You can use your fists, feet, elbows, and knees in this kickboxing sport. This form of boxing evolved as a means of self-protection in the early days. Thai people originally migrated from South China and this helped them protect themselves from other locals.

Muay Thai is different from other forms of boxing, as it places great importance on the spirituality of rituals performed before and after each fight. Wai Khru is one such thanksgiving ceremony at the start of the event.

Next, Ram Muay is a dance demonstrating skills of each boxer. The action starts thereafter. All boxers wear a sacred headband, Mong Kon, and a sacred armband, Pra Jiad.

The best places to view a Muay Thai match is at Ratchadamnoen Boxing Stadium and Lumpini Boxing Stadium. Ticket costs depend on your seating positions and importance of the event too. However, purchase tickets from authorised sellers only.

Last Updated: 22 May 2008

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Lumpini Boxing Stadium Bangkok
Lumpini Boxing Stadium Bangkok
Lumpini Boxing Stadium Bangkok
Lumpini Boxing Stadium Bangkok