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Kite Fighting

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Kite fighting events take place on most weekends during the hot season at Sanam Luang and Lumphini Park. Two opposing teams fly male Chula and female Pakpao kites and their ensuing fight is the main event. Normally, such events take place between February and April.

The ground is into two sections, leeward belonging to Pakpao, tail-kite, and windward belongs to Chula, star-kite. Chula flies within its red flag demarcated boundary while Pakpao is within the white flag boundary. If, any other colour flag hoists in the boundary, the contest ends and kites have to be brought down.

Chula wins the fight if Pakpao entangles within her own tail or goes through the triangular line of Chula. An injured Chula falling within Pakpao territory loses the game. Similarly, if Chula entangles with Pakpao and breaks away, it loses the match.

Last Updated: 28 Sep 2007