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If you are planning on taking your children to Bangkok on holiday, do not miss the many indoor playgrounds that offer entertainment and fun for younger visitors to this fabulous, exotic Eastern city.

Indoor playgrounds are located throughout Bangkok and are a perfect way to spend the day with your youngsters. One of the best indoor playgrounds in Bangkok is located in the Seacon Square shopping center. Yoyoland is a 10,000 square metre amusement park guaranteed to delight children and adults of all ages. The Yoyo express is a small train that takes children on a tour of the large playground and is a wonderful experience for even smaller children. Ferris wheels are also a very popular attraction at this mega-amusement park as are the dragon boats and other amusements. This is a wonderful place to take your children after you have shopped in the magnificent Seacon Square mall.

Another one of Bangkok's wonderful indoor playgrounds is Jamboree Land. This is also located in a shopping complex called the Emporium Shopping Complex in the heart of Bangkok. There are many different activities here for even young children including padded climbing walls, puppet shows, painting activities and even crafts for children to create. Jamboree Land also has whimsical characters dressed as bears and other animals walking around entertaining the children. Jamboree Land is especially geared towards younger children and is a virtual toddler haven.

Older children will love the MBK Video Arcade. This arcade, located on the top floor of the large MBK Shopping Center is one of the most popular of Bangkok's indoor playgrounds. Not only does it feature state of the art video games, but there are a variety of 'virtual' games such as dancing and kickboxing that youngsters really seem to enjoy. Older children who love to play video games will marvel at this large arcade and will probably not want to go home once they get a taste of these different high-tech amusements.

Bangkok indoor playgrounds are not limited to shopping malls, although virtually every large shopping centre has some sort of indoor playground designed to amuse children. The Sylvanian Families Restaurant is also a wonderful place to take children for a meal as well as the large indoor playground. Not only will the children love the meal that is designed for their enjoyment, they will love playing in the ball pool and on the other different playthings that adorn the restaurant.

If traveling to Bangkok with children, make sure that you take time to bring them to one of the wonderful indoor playgrounds that are featured throughout the city. Indoor playgrounds are a great place for children to work off excess energy and have a lot of fun while you relax and examine the many different finds you purchased at the shopping centre.

Last Updated: 27 Feb 2008