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Ice Skating in Bangkok

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During you Thai holiday, why not treat yourself and the family to a "cool" time by ice skating in Bangkok. The exotic Asian city has many indoor skating rinks that offer respite from the heat as well as an activity that is fun for the entire family.

When ice skating in Bangkok, wear warm clothing that is easy to move around in, such as sweatshirts and jeans. You should also wear gloves as the ice skating rinks can get quite chilly and gloves can also cushion your fall on the ice. Rinks supply ice skates and knee and elbow pads are also available.

For some lovely ice skating in Bangkok, visit the Sub Zero Ice Skate Club. This is a brand new rink located at the MRT Thailand Cultural Centre Station on Ratchada Road. The rink is really state of the art and transforms in the evening into a club atmosphere complete with music and strobe lights. The bars that serve drinks are actually made of ice and the Sub Zero Ice Skate Club is a wonderful place just to relax in the crisp, cool air. There are several different sessions offered throughout the week and weekends and the admission is very inexpensive.

For more ice skating in Bangkok, try the Imperial World Ice Skating rink. This large ice skating rink is located on the top floor of Imperial World Samrong, close to the heart of the city. If you lack balance on ice skates, like many people, you can get lessons from one of the many professionals who can teach you everything from keeping your ankles from turning inwards to how to skate backwards. This Olympic sized skating rink has a pro shop, first aid station and complete training room and offers several skating sessions daily. Admission is very reasonable at the Imperial World Ice Skating Rink and even non skaters can enjoy watching some of the fabulous ice skating on the rink.

A more cosy ice skating rink is Open Ice Skate located on the fourth floor of the Imperial Lad Prao. This is a completely open rink and onlookers from floors above can watch your skating skills as you glide along the ice. Lessons are available for beginners and are really quite reasonable, as is the admission to Open Ice Skate. When you are finished skating, you can shop at the Big C Superstore located on the premises. Refreshments are also available at this lovely little ice skating rink.

Ice skating in Bangkok is a wonderful way to get out of the heat and enjoy some quality time with the family. Those who are experienced skating with in-line skates will find ice skating less of a challenge than those who are only used to regular roller skating. Ice skating is not very difficult, and once you learn how to balance, is really quite a relaxing sport. For a "cool" time during your Thai holiday, take the family ice skating in Bangkok.

Last Updated: 27 Feb 2008