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Horseracing in Bangkok

Bangkok Activities | Information on horseracing venues

Horseracing is a favorite past time for many westerners. Bangkok can help you with your past time every two weeks on a Sunday or a Saturday, as this is when the horse races are. Even though gambling is illegal in Thailand, betting on a horse race is legal. Therefore, if you are a gambler then the horse races are the only legal venue that you have to do your gambling at in Bangkok. There are two venues in Bangkok that host the horse races and the event will alternate between the two places. The Royal Bangkok Sports Club and the Royal Turf Club are the two alternating venues for horse racing in Bangkok. The Royal Bangkok Sports Club is located at Henri Dunant Road and Royal Turf Club is located at Phitsanulok Road, Suan Chitralada Sub-District, Dusit.

The Royal Bangkok Sports Club hosts horse racing every two weeks on a Saturday from 12:30 to 6 pm. The Royal Turf Club hosts horse racing every two weeks on a Sunday from 12:30 to 6 pm. There is an admission fee to the Royal Turf Club that is 50 Thai Baht equal to 1.09 Euros and 100 Thai Baht equal to 2.19 Euros.

For those that are avid horseracing buffs and follow along with the Ascot or Melbourne Cup could find themselves at a loss at horse racing in Bangkok. The facilities are truly basic and lack any real luxury and the betting etiquette at the horse races is confusing. The great thing is though is that horse racing in Bangkok can still be fun even if you do not truly understand the betting system since it is only a 50 Thai Baht or 100 Thai Baht wager.

The 50 Thai Baht wager will get you a seat in the stands while the 100 Thai Baht wager will get you close to the winning post. Those are the basic admission fees/ wagers. For those that truly want to celebrate at the horse races you can spend an even higher amount. A 500 Thai Baht wager equal to 10.96 Euros will get you in the air-conditioned clubhouse. Spend an additional 500 Thai Baht and you can enjoy a buffet meal while at the horse races.

Even though the numbers of patrons at the horse races has dwindled down, you will still find a rather large crowd still at the horse races. Both of these horseracing venues still seem to pull large crowds. So if wanting a seat in the clubhouse it is best to book in advance.

Last Updated: 27 Feb 2008