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Are you in Bangkok right now looking to do something fun and exciting? Well, believe it or not, you don't need a car to really have a good time in Bangkok. All you need is a bike. And if you didn't bring your bike with you, there's no need to be concerned. Many of the cycling tours might have a bike just waiting for you to rent. After, all the cycling tours just wouldn't be the same without you.

What's so good about cycling tours? Well, for starters, you get quite a different experience from cycling than you would if you were walking. When cycling, the wind can blow through your hair, and you can get a clean and fast whiff of the green grass and the leaves on the trees. Immediately, you are connected with your natural surroundings as you lean over your bike handles and swiftly pedal to explore the beauty of Bangkok.

The beauty you will discover while on cycling tours is hidden to the walking or driving tourist. A bike can take you to places you wouldn't even think of going if you were just using your own two feet.

As you embark on a cycling tour, you will be able to see fruit orchards, huge country villages, temples, and other gorgeous scenery.

One Bangkok cycling tour lasts 3 days and 2 nights. It is called the Cycle Tour South Central Coast. While cycling, tourists can view spacious plantations, orchards and Kaeng Krachan national park.

But the tour begins in the Bangkok hotel. Then, cyclists visit a very popular site in Thailand. It is called the Floating Market. While at the Floating Market, guests on the cycling tour are able to have a good look around while riding their bike. Afterwards, they encounter winding canals.

Another cycling tour takes cyclists through the Bangkok jungle. Called

"the green heart of Bangkok," The locals call this jungle Bang Ka Jao. This jungle wilderness is unique because the developers have not laid a single finger on it. Cyclists on the cycling tours are able to see what gentle vegetation and tropical jungle look like up close.

There are many other cycling tours available for getting a first-hand experience of what Bangkok looks like from a two-wheel perspective. But it's hard to really enjoy a cycling tour if you don't have a bike. So make sure you try hard to get one, either by bringing one to Bangkok or by trying to rent one from the company that runs the cycling tours.

Last Updated: 27 Feb 2008