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Bangkok Activities | Cycling; a Great Way to Tour Bangkok

If you like to ride a bike, cycling tours are a great way to explore Bangkok. There are many cycling tours available that explore everything from the coastline to the dense jungles. You can go on cycling tours for a just a day or take cycling tours that last three days or more.

One of the popular cycling tours of Bangkok is along the South central coast. You can see the floating market, plantations, beautiful water views and the Kaeng Krachan National Park. Cycling Three day cycling tours through this area cost about 240 EUR and includes meals, transportation, and of course fantastic coast line views.

Another one of the popular, and shorter, cycling tours is through the Bangkok jungle. You can explore the heart of the jungle with one of these shorter cycling tours. Spending the day on one of these jungle cycling tours will allow you to see the untouched Bangkok jungle and experience authentic Thai culture. One of these jungle cycling tours starts at only 40 EUR for the day and includes snacks, equipment, and an English speaking guide.

One of Bangkok's other great cycling tours will take you through the Bangkok countryside. These guided cycling tours through the Bangkok countryside will cost about 50 EUR for two days and includes everything you need to enjoy the rolling hills, waterfalls, and vineyards. The Bangkok countryside is filled with Thai culture and cycling tours in this area are a great way to learn about Bangkok.

Cycling tours through Kanchanaburi are also popular ways to explore Bangkok. Three day cycling tours through Kanchanaburi will cost about 170 EUR for a three day trip. You can experience waterfalls, mountains, and cycle on jungle trails. You can also check out the Death railway, Kraset caves, Hellfire Pass, and more.

Historical cycling tours of the floating market are another great way to explore Bangkok. You can take a one day tour for about 45 EUR and experience fruit orchards, Thai temples, army garrisons, and churches. These guided cycling tours are conducted at an easy pace and are a great way to learn about Thai culture.

If you are visiting Bangkok, cycling tours are a great way to explore. You can see just about any part of the country so no matter if you like beaches, jungles, or rolling hill sides, there are cycling tours for you. Bangkok's cycling tours are affordable and include everything you need to have a great time cycling in Bangkok.

Last Updated: 27 Feb 2008