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Bangkok has warm, tropical weather all year long. What better way to take advantage of this fabulous weather than by visiting a water park? Bangkok water parks offer thrilling rides, magnificent scenery and cool, clear water. There is no better way to entertain your children during your Bangkok holiday than by taking them to one of the many wonderful Bangkok water parks.

Siam Park is a large park that has many different swimming pools and waterslides that delight children and adults of all ages. One of the main attractions at the Siam Park is the 400 metre Super Spiral waterslide that is both thrilling and exhilarating. The Super Spiral is just one of the many different waterslides featured in this recreational park.

If waterslides do not interest you, spend a day lounging at the man-made sea pool with the artificial surf. This is truly something to behold and something most will not see anywhere in the West. There are also many different whirlpools and hot tubs located throughout the park that can excite the young and relax the old. The gardens surrounding the Siam Park are truly something to behold and there is even an open zoo that will delight just about everyone.

Food is available at the Siam Park and is really quite affordable, as is entrance to this huge park. Plan to spend a weekday at Siam Park with the children as this park can get quite crowded during the weekends. Bangkok's water parks are truly a thing of beauty as well as fun. Everyone will be glad to spend the day at Siam Park.

Another one of Bangkok's water parks that it definitely pays to visit is the Fantasia Lagoon. This large water park is located on the roof of the Fantasia Mall Department Store. Not only can you have a fun time on the huge water slides and whirlpools, but you can also have a magnificent view of the city below. Admission to the Fantasia Lagoon is really very inexpensive and well worth the charge. You can easily spend an entire day here and the children will probably not want to leave.

Located next to the Fantasia Lagoon is Fantasia Island, a fabulous indoor amusement park. No where in the West will you find such a magnificent way to spend a day at a shopping mall. And the warm, tropical weather in Bangkok beckons you to cool off in this spectacular facility.

Another huge rooftop water park is the Leoland Water Park located on top of the Central City Bangna shopping mall. This is an ideal water park for younger children as it features exciting tube rides, waterslides and giant "sea creatures" made of plastic that they can play on. There are even a large number of sun beds where mum and dad can relax as they watch the children frolic in the water.

Some of the most fun you will have while visiting Bangkok will be at the Bangkok water parks. There are many located throughout the city and each one is unique, clean and quite a bit of fun for children of all ages. The only problem you will have is trying to drag your children out of the park at closing time, but the inexpensive admission fees to these parks make it possible to visit them again and again during your Bangkok holiday.

Last Updated: 27 Feb 2008