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Once you travel to Thailand and experience the wonderful food, you will most likely want to emulate this cuisine in your own home kitchen. Thai cooking is healthy and delicious. One activity you will enjoy during your holiday in Thailand is cooking classes in Bangkok.

Cooking classes in Bangkok are offered in many of the various hotels and restaurants in the city. Cooking classes in Bangkok vary in time, price and venue. Whichever course you take, you will most likely be able to return home with the ability to make your favorite exotic Thai dish.

Some of the items you will most likely learn how to make include Tom Yum Goong, which is hot and sour shrimp soup - a perennial Thai favorite. Local chefs will teach you the basics on how to balance different spices and flavors to get the authentic Thai taste to your dishes.

The cooking classes in Bangkok will teach you how to identify different spices and herbss that are most often used in Thai cooking. You will take a special trip to the food market where you can learn how to pick the best ingredients for the dish of your choice. Thai food tends to mix a variety of flavors and spices and is not always "hot" as often perceived in the West. Most Thai food has a delicate bland of sweet and sour.

Classes vary in length. Some classes run for only several hours while others take a full day. The Oriental Hotel in Bangkok has one of the most popular Thai cooking classes in Bangkok. One wonderful feature of the Oriental Hotel cooking class is that each student gets to choose the culinary masterpiece they want to create. The experienced, English speaking chef will give individual instructions to each person participating in the class and teach them not only how to prepare a recipe, but to prepare it using "Thai style."

Thai style includes not only the simple preparation of food, but the presentation of food as well. Thais believe that food should look as good on the plate as it tastes. For this reason, Thai cooks are not only experts at blending the right spices and herbs, but how to decorate the dish so that it looks palatable to the eye as well as the stomach.

You can even learn to carve fruit at some cooking classes in Bangkok. Thais are experts at the art of fruit and vegetable carving and while, after a course, you may not be able to quickly make a rose out of an exotic piece of fruit, you will learn something about the presentation of food on the plate. Once you have completed your Thai cooking class, your instructor will actually present you with a diploma! Then you can return home and perfect the skills in your own kitchen that you learned during your cooking classes in Bangkok.

Cooking classes in Bangkok can be a wonderful way to spend a day during your Thai holiday. Best of all, it can teach you lessons that you use for the rest of your life. Cooking classes in Bangkok are the ultimate souvenir.

Last Updated: 27 Feb 2008