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Bangkok abounds in sports activities of all kinds to suit your choice and interest. The games range from the most raging Thai boxing, popular as Muay Thai to the usual fare like golf, bowling, ice-skating, cycling, and softball.

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Muay Thai, the traditional form of boxing in Bangkok, is their favourite sport. A Muay Thai match attracts huge crowds at any venue across Bangkok. You can even try to learn the techniques of this skilful martial art.

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The fine golf courses spread over extensive and beautiful landscaped green areas offer world-class facilities. Professional golfers and new entrants to the game truly enjoy their golfing at Bangkok.

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Bangkok also has an active slow-pitch softball league due to the large number of expatriates. Additionally, enjoy the organized cycling tours along canal routes and on islands at the Chao Phraya river.


Last Updated: 05 Aug 2008