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Around Bangkok: Two Day Jungle Raft Tour on The River Kwai

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Are you looking for something different during your trip to Bangkok? Why not take a two day jungle raft tour on the River Kwai? Just a tour hour bus trip from Bangkok takes you to the Kanchanaburi province where you can see some of the most beautiful natural scenery in the world.

This picturesque part of Asia was not always the Eden it appears today. During WWII, Japanese troops forced hundreds of thousands of war prisoners to construct a long railway line that extended from Thailand to Burma, resulting in thousands of deaths. Today, there is a memorial in Kanchanburi dedicated to the POWs who lost their lives building what has been known as "The Bridge Over The River Kwai." During your two day jungle raft tour on the River Kwai, your first stop will be at this poignant memorial.

The historic bridge, immortalized on film, is still in existence and you can take a walk across the bridge where people can pay respects to the many men who lost their lives constructing this structure.

After the memorial tour, you will take a boat past some of the most beautiful jungle scenery in the world. Birds and wildlife are abundant during this journey and you will have many opportunities to take some breathtaking photos.

Amid the bamboo trees and the cool River Kwai is the River Kwai Resotel. You will climb up a long, winding jungle path, feeling the cool breeze of the river around you. The staff at the River Kwai Resotel is welcoming and friendly as they escort you into the reception area of the quaint, charming accommodations. The first thing you will receive is an inviting lunch. Thai people love to eat and are very hospitable to guests. Most places you visit in Thailand will include some sort of food. And the Thai delicacies prepared by the cook at the River Kwai Resotel are delicious and inviting. You can also relax with a cool drink as you take in the magnificent scenery surrounding the tiny resort.

Private accommodations in a bamboo chalet make you feel as though you have entered another world. And you have. You can walk outdoors and see the wild, exotic orchids as well as other beautiful flowers and butterflies that all beckon for your camera. Birds sing in the trees amid this tropical paradise and you will feel as though you have landed in the Garden of Eden. The nice thing about the accommodations at the River Kwai Resotel is the modern amenities. Although it appears rustic, you will have air conditioning and hot water in your room.

The two day jungle raft tour on the River Kwai includes a guide who speaks English. The raft tour does not last for two days, but a matter of hours. You can see some of the most beautiful sights during this jungle excursion. In addition, you will meet with some of the locals and see some elephants and other wildlife living along the river. At the end of your journey, you will travel back to the resotel for a fine, Thai barbeque dinner.

The two day jungle raft tour on the River Kwai will be the most exciting part of your Bangkok holiday. This is a once in a lifetime experience that is delightful for the entire family. Be prepared to be completely enchanted during the two day jungle raft tour on the River Kwai

Last Updated: 20 May 2008