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The unique quality, history and makeup of the Mandarin Oriental Bangkok make it Bangkok and Thailand's most famous luxury 5 star hotel. This list of Royalty and celebrity makes you appreciate the draw of the hotel. Even the name conjures up the notion of excellence and notoriety.

The Mandarin Oriental Hotel Bangkok

The Mandarin Oriental Hotel Bangkok


After the Bowring Treaty between the United Kingdom and Kingdom of Siam that allowed trade between foreigners and Thai merchants without a third party, the sailors needed accommodation ashore so the hotel was built. Captain Dyers (American) and J. E. Barnes built the Oriental Hotel but this burnt down in 1865. 1n 1869 a partnership of Danish captains re opened a replacement hotel.

Mandarin Oriental Bangkok history

In 1881 Hans Niels Andersen (Danish) bought The Oriental and with the help of Prince Prisdang Jumsai, set about creating the first luxury hotel in Thailand. The Oriental impressed Bangkok citizens as it was the only other building in Bangkok that had 2 floors. It also show cased new features of carpeted hallways, a billiards room and a bar. In an attempt to drive quality into the restaurant they persuaded the French Consulate Chef to work there.

In 1890 King Chulalongkorn inspected The Oriental and agreed that it was luxurious enough to represent the country and so in 1891 the entourage of Crown Prince Nicholas of Russia, (later Tsar Nicholas) arrived.

A succession of owners kept and improved the standards of the hotel until WW2 when it was taken over as an Officers Club for the Japanese army. Liberated Allied servicemen ransacked the hotel after the war thinking it was Japanese. After the war a group of 6 people bought the club for $250 each. The new owners, Germaine Krull (1897–1985), Prince Bhanu, General Chai Prateepasen, Pote Sarasin (a Thai lawyer) and John Webster and Jim Thompson started by restoring the property to its former glory. With the artistic and architectural education, Jim Thompson improved the hotel further. In 1958 the 10 story Garden wing was built including Thailand's first elevator. In 1967 the Oriental Hotel was bought by ItalThai and so began the final drive to become one of the world's top hotels. In 1972 the 350 room River wing was completed.

In 1974 owners of the Mandarin in Hong Kong bought a 49% stake in The Oriental, Bangkok to enhance their luxury hotel image. In 2008 The Oriental, Bangkok officially changed it's name to Mandarin Oriental Bangkok.

Mandarin Oriental Bangkok famous guests

Mandarin Oriental Bangkok is famous for the guests it has looked after over the years. In the early period Joseph Conrad, Graham Greene, James A. Michener, John le Carré, Barbara Cartland, Somerset Maugham, and Noel Coward, and are the names of the indivual and uniquely furnished private suites. More recently Neil Armstrong, Mick Jagger, Henry Kissinger, Jacques Chirac, Sean Connery, Michael de la Force, Mel Gibson, Yehudi Menuhin, Lauren Bacall, George H. W. Bush, Václav Havel, Audrey Hepburn, Helmut Kohl, David Beckham, Niki Lauda, Sophia Loren, Richard Nixon, Pelé, Michael Jackson, Queen Sofia of Spain, Omar Sharif, Elizabeth Taylor, Diana, Princess of Wales and Prince Charles have stayed there.

Mandarin Oriental Bangkok suites

The 358 room hotel has an additional 35 unique suites. The two-story Authors' Wing is the only part of the original building and houses suites named after Joseph Conrad, Somerset Maugham, Noel Coward and James Michener. The River Wing has some deluxe two bedroom suites. These suites are named after former guests including Barbara Cartland, Gore Vidal, Graham Greene, Jim Thompson, Norman Mailer, Wilbur Smith, John le Carré, Thai author Kukrit Pramoj. There are other suites and these are named after merchant ships associated with early Bangkok trade. These include HMS Melita, Vesatri, Natuna, and Otago (once captained by Joseph Conrad).

Mandarin Oriental Bangkok deals

It is difficult to get deals on an iconic symbol of luxury such as the Mandarin Oriental Bangkok. However it is worth noting that prices do vary according to season. If you visit between 1 st April until the 31 st of October the prices are almost 30% cheaper. For those who need to stay 2 weeks or more does offer a stay 15 nights pay 14 nights as a long stay deal.

Mandarin Oriental Bangkok location

The Mandarin Oriental Bangkok is down on the Chao Praya River where it grew up all those many years ago. The sight of the rice barges, ferries and local traffic still mesmerise all those with room views of the river. The Chao Praya river is the heart beat of the City of Bangkok as the Bangkok Grand Palace has ensure that the has kept cultural significance there. The river ferry station is 'The Oriental'. The address is Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok, 48 Oriental Avenue, Charoenkrung Soi 40, Bangkok 10500, Thailand. Telephone +66 2 659 9000

Last Updated: 19 Mar 2012