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Throughout the world, hotels are seeking "boutique" status. What makes a boutique hotel different from an ordinary hotel is the unique style, personalized attention, contemporary design and elegant features. Boutique hotels in Bangkok offer luxury accommodations as surprisingly affordable rates. Boutique hotels in Bangkok are located throughout the city and range from modern to elaborate. Whatever your accommodation desires, you can find it at one of the boutique hotels in Bangkok.

Davis Bangkok

Davis Bangkok


In addition to the fabulous décor, modern amenities and old fashioned charm, the boutique hotels in Bangkok offer service you would expect in a luxury resort. Thai people are generally very warm and friendly and no where is this more apparent than at one of the lovely boutique hotels in Bangkok. These hotels offer warmth, style, charm and convenience and are located close to restaurants, shopping and the many different attractions located within the city.

One of the best boutique hotels in Bangkok is the Davis Bangkok. All of the rooms in this charming hotel are decorated with unique, stylish themes. This luxury boutique hotel is elegant and modern and features every amenity you would find within your home. The Davis Bangkok is located in the heart of Bangkok, just off Sukhumvit Road and is close to shopping, attractions and fine restaurants. For unique accommodations with modern conveniences, check out the Davis Bangkok.

Another one of the best boutique hotels in Bangkok is the Shanghai Inn. Close to Old Chinatown, the Shanghai Inn has such beautiful rooms, all decorated with Thai and Chinese décor that make you feel as though you are staying in a palace. In addition to the lavish accommodations in this lovely boutique hotel, the service is superb. The Shanghai Inn is one of the best boutique hotels in Bangkok and has every modern amenity designed to impress even the most discerning guest. Best of all, you can enjoy the charm of Old Chinatown each time you step outside.

The Baan Chantra Hotel in Khao San is one of the most charming boutique hotels in Bangkok. The Baan Chantra Hotel is located just off Khao San Road and is close to all of the temples and other attractions. This charming boutique hotel was built in 1936 and features elegant rooms, accommodating service and an exotic atmosphere.

Boutique hotels in Bangkok are surprisingly affordable. These luxurious accommodations cost less than budget hotels in the West yet are filled with fine décor, charming and spacious rooms, exquisite service, modern amenities and are close to virtually all of the fine attractions awaiting you in the exotic city of Bangkok. During your Thailand holiday, be sure to stay in one of the lovely boutique hotels in Bangkok.

Last Updated: 19 Mar 2012