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Bangkok hotel reviews define what the customer thinks of a hotel. The reviews are now the essential tool to ensure you get the Bangkok hotel you are looking for. Bangkok hotel reviews cover 5 star luxury hotels to 2 star hostel so there is no excuse for not knowing more than the basic website information. However is this the full story..

For some Bangkok hotels, reviews are plentiful and you can say with some certainty, they reflect a full and true picture of the property you are looking at. However, where there are few reviews of a property and or sometimes the owners meddle in the review system to improve their standings, there are some serious discrepancies.

The protocol of serious hoteliers is to reply to any criticism or compliment by giving themselves zero out of 10 so that they can be seen to be neutral. This process will drag down their average score but keep their impartiality and even handed position.

I don’t know 2 people who are the same on every day and so there is an innate issue with reviews. They cannot be definitive. Some people fuss more than others, some people have a bad hair day and complain. Some people float through life never challenging poor service or standards and some people see perfection everywhere and comment positively all the time. Most people do not have time to comment of the hotel they have stayed at and this silent majority (probably) might see things quite different again. Therefore Bangkok hotel reviews only paint part of the picture and must be understood in that vein.

Bangkok hotel tripadvisor reviews

Bangkok hotel reviews by and tripadvisor cover all the main hotels, resorts and hostels and do give a real sense of how the service is and gives you a good idea on expectations versus perceived-received value for money. This is the heart of the reviewing system. The other key aspect is that it is on-going and being updated all the time so that no Bangkok Hotel can rest on it's laurels. Websites like are continually updated and the social networking sites like Facebook (See Facebook create an ever greater feedback loop on hotel quality.

Bangkok hotel reviews -Mandarin Oriental Hotel Bangkok

Bangkok hotel reviews

Taking the embodiment of luxury Bangkok hotels you can see the precise style reviews of tripadvisor for the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Bangkok or read out a full review by industry specialist in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Bangkok article. Both types of review paint a different picture but quite obviously the same picture. The more layers of any picture you explore, the more you understand the depth. So our advice to you is read and read till you feel comfortable with what you understand.

Our usual advice is to read the fact sheet pages of the hotels. So for the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Bangkok you have the Hotel Overview page, the Rooms and rates page, the facilities page and the gallery page. Once you feel comfortable with the 'product' you should then move onto the Guest Reviews page to gauge the reality behind the words and images.

Last Updated: 19 Mar 2012