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The page is about Bangkok hotel deals. There is something deeply satisfying in trawling through a few web pages and finding the perfect hotel deal for a trip to Bangkok Thailand. It appeals to the hunter gatherer in all of us. Can we get something for free, something off, an extra prize; something to dazzle one's other half. Showing off our knowledge, street wise credential and our internet savvy is the one of the hot new topics in travellers conversation.

Banyan Tree Bangkok

Banyan Tree Bangkok


If you are looking for your Bangkok hotel deals this is a good place to start as focuses hard on saving the customer money from smart searching of the hotel database to find the deal that matches your needs. With the Bangkok Hotel deal Specials page you get a list of deals by month of check in and by type of deals. Bangkok is a massive town with an amazing number of hotels so it is no surprise that it has 4 main types of deals.

Of course the Bangkok hotel deals are only part of your total holiday cost as industry averages presume that your flight costs will be about 55% of your total costs, except for the 5 star luxury market where room costs can be quite large (especially of the higher level room categories). Having said that, a flight is a flight in that it goes from one airport to Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok.

Where you stay is a mystery until you book it. Bangkok offers so many types of hotel accommodation in so many locations that vary so much that finding the right place is about triangulating location for what you want to do in town, value of the hotel for money, customer reviews and actual cost compared to your budget.

Bangkok hotel deals

Probably the hottest Bangkok hotel specials deals are the Bangkok FREE Night Specials which gives you whole days off if you stay a minimum time. In some deals you can stay 8 nights and pay 5. These are primarily deals that you will get out of high season but these deals certainly make the headlines.

The Bangkok Fixed Night Promotions are Bangkok hotel deals that provide additional discount for a minimum number of nights stay. The 4 star Montien Bangkok has a deal that gets you 18% discount (Feb 2012) so this is not to dismissed.

The Bangkok Early Bird Offers deals provide additional discount for advanced bookings to the earlier you book the more you can save. The 5 star Banyan Tree Bangkok has a 15% discount (Feb 2012) on one of Bangkok's most prodigious hotels. Long stay hotel specials

There are 183 Bangkok Long stay hotel specials on and these ensure that you may Stay 15 nights, pay only 14 nights = 1 night FREE. This means whether you want a luxury hotel or simple 2 star accommodation and you are staying for a couple of weeks, the website is bound to have the best deal on the web.

Thailand hotel deals

If you are looking for other hotel deals similar to this please see the links by destinations; Phi Phi Island, Phuket, Koh Phangan, Krabi, Koh Samui, Pattaya, Chiang Mai, Hua Hin. This gives you a wide range of hotel deals that will keep your costs to budget.

Last Updated: 19 Mar 2012